Friday, July 09, 2010

this one

looks so old all the sudden. And serious. Rest assured, the first part may be true, the second, not at all.

Tonight, we were discussing a broken back scratcher. He decided to hang from it after hooking it to his bedrail. Anyways, Simon says, "I can't believe Grandpa scratches his back with the spaghetti spoon."

I reply, as I do every time we have this conversation{Grandpa, your backscratching scarred my children for life}-"I know, it's gross. Don't scratch your backs with eating utensils if you ever want to have a wife. A pretty wife." I clarify.

Simon's oh so sweet reply, "Grandpa has a pretty wife."

Felix interjects with, "I'll marry my pretty wife, then scratch my back with spoons! And you're gonna be my pretty wife, Mommy."

:) My little lovies


Jen Floyd said...

Don't you love what they find odd...but yet, waht they do is so normal to them. Take Jake, he didn't want to fall out of bed, which he never does anyway, but for some reason he had to take precaution not to do so. I went into him room and he has tied one wrist and one foot to his bed posts with scarves he made in school. Apparently, falling out of bed would have hurt worse than ripping his appendages off.

hippo chick said...

Oh, how I love this. The thinking of children is marvelous. "I'll marry a pretty wife,then scratch my back with a spoon." How wonderful. I'm still laughing.

~hippo hugs~

Corey said...

He's not stupid! he knows to get the pretty wife FIRST...THEN start with the nasty stuff after he's already hooked her ;)

nikih said...

My kids have discussed the spagetti scratcher many times too! Nicolas actually pulled ours out of the drawer one day and asked why the back scratcher was in the kitchen! ;)

Felix...I am certain that you will get your pretty wife...and then do the gross stuff. All of you guys trick us into thinking your mama raised you to be proper, but being the mama of two nasty boys has taught me it's just in your DNA to be gross ;)!!