Thursday, August 05, 2010

Guadalupe River

I am still not quite use to seeing him in my pictures.
Felix has entered the cheesy grin stage.
Titus has started a new thing. He pumps his left arm up and down when he walks. Like he gaining momentum/playing an imaginary trombone. It is adorable.
Mr. T chokes on only two foods: fortune cookies & tortilla chips. This is the face he gave Sean for refusing to give in. :)
Guadalupe River is full of these tiny little minnows that like to nibble on chubby thighs and tiny toes. Mr. T was none too enthused.
The spot where Sean lost his wedding ring. It has survived almost ten years of marriage, three kids, the War, how many clothing changes and hand washes and kid tugs?? It did not survive the Guadalupe River. At least he showed an appropriate amount of remorse. He spent a good bit feeling around for it and fighting the current trying to look through the murky water, hoping a ray of sun would hit it at just the right time. Oh well. It only held tons of sentimental value. It wasn't that expensive, but it came from a small antique jewelry store in downtown Charleston where we got married. The store closed a long time ago. I'm not sure what kind of ring I'll replace it with, but I can assure you it won't be "something cheap from Walmart," as the man suggested. I recommended a wedding ring tattoo, but that's a no-go for him.
I don't notice it in real life. Only in pictures do I notice how old my big one looks.
Feefs was looking at Sean. Aw.

I wanted a family picture to remember the trip when Sean lost his ring. He said, "I'll certainly never forget the time I lost my wedding ring and I'm sure if I do..."
I chimed in with, "I'll remind you."
To which he responded, "Eeeeeexactly."
A fortune I got a couple days ago. So true. :)


Corey said...

Looks like a really fun day despite the loss of the wedding band. I tried to get Pete to get a tattoo too, but he won't do it! He can't wear a ring at at all because of his job (electricity + metal + human = not a good combo!) a tattoo would be the perfect solution. won't do it! :p

Dettao said...

I lost my wedding rings shortly after Seth was born. We paid $250 at Target for it in 1977 aaaand it was on layaway for 3 months before I could wear it. It was a tiny little diamond but I was devastated. I cried so hard on the phone to Curtis that he suggested I pull over as I was driving when I called. Got a MUCH better one this time, though so it's all good. My brother in law did tattoo a ring on his finger. He is an iron worker and wearing one is too dangerous.

Anonymous said...

What did the ring look like? (Asked the man with the metal detector and a pocket full of rings found in that area) 07/21/2013