Friday, August 20, 2010

a happy day

Lots of goodness in my world today.

**Layla is here! One of my very dearest friends here has finally had her baby. I don't know why I say "finally" as today was actually her due date. Isn't that how it is with firsts though? You are just dying by your actual due date and you're just so certain they'll come early and the doctor gets your hopes up with tales of dilation and station and all that jazz?

By #2, you know. Life is easier with them in.

But #1...I am so excited for them! This baby is so wanted and they have longed for her so badly, it just brings me to happy tears every time I think about them. Thanks to Sean's schedule, I didn't get to be there as the photog as intended. Tomorrow. We meet tomorrow. I already have all kinds of ideas, though I need to reign myself in as it's just the hospital room setting.

It's a good thing my monsters were monsters today. And it's a good thing I won't be meeting this new baby girl until day 2. Day 2 is a better day for moms of boys to meet baby girls. By day 2 the adrenaline has worn off and everybody's tired. By day 2, baby has realized the entire world revolves around them and by golly, someone better meet their demands. Still though, a baby girl. Aw.

**Mr. 1 & Mr. 2 have met and gret their teachers. Both seem nice. A meet and greet day isn't much of an indication of how the whole year will go, but it was nice to get a lay of the land.

According to Felix's teacher, the transportation office is 600 students behind in bus assignments for the district, so I get to shuttle him to and fro for the first couple of days. No big deal, but it should be interesting as both kids get out at the same time.

**After tonight, Sean has three in a row off. That always makes me happy.

Somebody asked about the Green Tea extract I mentioned a few posts ago. You can get it in most vitamin sections. I think it's about $5 for a month supply. Sean got me the Green Tea with Hoodia. The Green Tea part has a natural stimulant, the Hoodia part supresses your appetite. I told him that I'm starving, but the thought of eating kinda makes me want to vomit. So Green Tea not only gets you through the day, it helps you lose weight! A miracle of miracles.

I have some pictures to post later so it may be a two post kinda evening. My kids are trying to hornswaggle me into staying up. I've been meaning to get them on a schedule, but they take advantage of my motherhood ADD on an all too regular basis.

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