Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's Tuesday!

Tuesday's come quick around here! I may or may not have 10 points today, I dunno yet. I'll just type and ramble and see where this post goes.

1. We just got back from Mississippi. It was quite the ride! Tight squeeze in Sean's car. Titus was a little dictator the whole way. Notice the grin on his face vs. the sour puss Simon face. Titus was all about getting whatever they had. I'm not usually one to give in to tantrums, but I heard myself say, "Just give him whatever he wants so he'll stop screaming!" several times.

2. When Sean was gone, I came to the conclusion that we don't take nearly enough family pictures. There's gobs and gobs of pictures of the four of them, each of them individually, etc. Very rarely do I make it into a picture and it's just lame to ask to have your picture taken. If one of my male counterparts would take it upon himself to take my picture of his own accord, that would be nice, but completely unrealistic. It just doesn't happen. So timer pictures it is!

I remember seeing the star the very first time we crossed through Texas, many a travel nurse contract ago. I wanted pictures then, but wasn't as adamant with my U turn demands. Nowadays, I get a couple U turn requests per trip than Sean must oblige.

3. The hotel we stayed at on the way out was pretty nice, great lighting. The boy with swamp feet{seriously, his feet smell worse than a grown man's}got an early morning bath: 
and this one gave me one nice shot, in the midst of several goofy, I'm-almost-five-and-have-to-make-a-face shots:
and my #1 was pretty content with whining, and didn't get a lot of pics taken at the hotel with glorious lighting.

4. We stayed at Keesler AFB while waiting for the other end of our Mack party. It is really nice. I'm not sure if it was wiped out by Katrina, but a lot of the buildings were new. Just two blocks from the Ocean, I was anxious to do some day tripping. It didn't happen. The TLF is nice, though! Way nicer than the TLF we stayed at on Lackland for ten days when we first moved here.  

5. Since we aren't going to SC to retrieve Mack :( I had a list of things I requested from my mom. Not only did she surpass that list, she went nuts on the kids. She usually goes coloring book and stickers nuts, but no joke, there was a baby four wheeler in the motorhome for Titus. He has requested that I have it surgically attached to him so he never has to get off. I think he would've slept on it last night if I would've allowed.

6. It wouldn't be a trip in the motorhome without a tow dolly incident. I don't even want to talk about it. Except that...I kinda do. There's nothing like being woken up at 12:30a.m. and told, "You have to drive." When my bleary eyes registered confusion, as a response I got, "Just come see."

I heard the grinding noise. I didn't realize it was the clamp dragging that was holding a tire of the car onto the tow dolly. Maybe it only freaks you out if you've ever towed anything. I am just so thankful it didn't happen when we were barreling down the hwy @ 65mph. That would've been bad. It's an easy fix, but I am done with the tow dolly. This time, it wasn't so much the tow dolly as the straps holding the car, but either way, it's just scary.

Needless to say, we have decided to sell it and just retrofit Sean's car to be flat towed. 

7. It's Wednesday now. I've spent two days sporadically typing this stinking post. I had it all nice and pretty with tons of pictures and Blogger ate half of it. Now you're getting the less glitzy version. I'm just trying to finish it before the kids wake up. They better sleep in today! By sleep in, I mean, later than 8.

8. The only reason I'm up at 6 is b/c today is Sean's first day back at work. Luckily, it's just an Admin day. That means, paperwork and stuff that really doesn't need to be done. Government work at it's finest.

9. Speaking of Gov't work...I watched my DVR-ed episode of Army Wives. Does anybody else watch or does my rambling about that show only make sense to one of you{hi, Susannah!}? I must vent, either way. Jill Biden, our Second Lady, was a guest star this week. Aside from the fact that this administration seems to have government work confused with Hollywood stardom, her acting was horrible. I don't fault her for being a guest star, I'm thinking more of the day time & late night talk show appearances I keep seeing by others more in the limelight of this admin. She's the second lady, I don't assume she has as many important duties as the rest.

Anyways, back to her horrible acting. There was a scene where the Wives were discussing their woes about life without their husbands, who are currently deployed. They were saying things like, "I find it hard juggling all the kids activites, yada yada." Wow, that really deserved a line in the show. Hello, Captain Obvious. The thing that bothered me is she would respond and they'd move on to, "Does anyone else have any concerns?" They never solved the first "concern!" It was never addressed.

The second lady was saying things about how we need all American's support, not just service members. But they never said HOW to get that support. It was all rhetoric. I hate rhetoric.

Like our President saying we should all cut back and how we're all making sacrifices. Really? Because I heard your wife and 40 of her friends flew to Spain. On our dime. That's fine if she wants to frolic about the world on her own dime, but when it cost tax payers $140K just to fly AF One over there...that's ridiculous. Not to mention all the other trips she's taken this summer. I know other presidents and first ladies have traveled, but not like this. Look it up. It's patronizing. Politicians think they are above the rest of us peons. Like when they talk about how evil capitalism is from their penthouse or from the deck of their yacht. They say it's our duty to pay higher taxes for the poor teachers & firefighters that could lose their jobs. Hows about we cut their pay? You want to talk about gov't waste, look at the payroll for gov't workers! Or the fact that millions upon millions of dollars are spent on opera houses and museums, but by golly, we're getting rid of teachers! Lets spend billions of dollars on pet projects, but tell the stupid Americans that we regretfully have to raise their taxes so their children's education won't suffer.

Do they really think we're that stupid? Oh my goodness. I kinda went off on a tangent there.

10. Something funny. I tricked Sean into watching Teen Moms with me last night. I can't help it, I love those girls. It is so sad to me, but like a train wreck, I must watch. Sean, of course, has no heart. The whole time, he was making comments. I can't even repeat most of 'em. So mean. Hilarious, but so so mean.

After today, he has another week off. We plan to actually use Mack. At least for an overnighter somewhere.

There are school supplies that must be bought, shots attained for maFeefs. I get to go register him with the meanest school secretary I've ever met. She's the type of person thats rude while smiling. The type you don't even want to argue with b/c you'd rather just be done talking to her. Yeah, can't wait to deal with her again.

Other than that, life as usual. On that note, I'm off to have a cup of coffee(or four) before the kids get up!


Corey said...

I love all your pics! and it sounds like you had a pretty decent trip to retrieve Mack. :) I don't watch Arm Wives, but I've seen it once or twice. My MIL LOVES that show. I'll have to see if it's on DVD cuz it sounds like something i would like.
Enjoy your coffee this morning! That's what I'm doing before my kids get up too :)

Brown English Muffin said...

I feel did your ten on tuesday and the one thing I'm beaming about from ear to ear is the fact that you watch Teen Moms...very few people are brave enough to admit that you know!!! LOL

I feel so bad for Farrah, he mother truly is delusional and I finally realized it during the whole incident of Farrah trying to read her birthday card to her daughter. Before that I just though Farrah was the crazy one with her mother just being a pain in the ass!!!

I couldn't imagine a group family therapy session with any of those families but especially with Farrahs.

Jude said...

i think you should take a nice long road trip in Mack... like to, HERE!!! :) I have informed Micah he must use my camera before i get anymore wrinkles and do not wish to be photographed anymore. This came after a hissy fit where he photographed me with my hair UP and the wind made me look like I had NO BANGS. Not good, just really not good.