Sunday, August 22, 2010

new parents

I love it.

I spent a couple of hours taking snapshots for my friend and her sweet baby girl. It was so fun to watch her just be. The mama and the baby. And all the other people that were there to welcome little Leila. Something about a baby being born just tends to shift so many things. One of them is my opinion of Susannah. I mean, yeah, she's been an awesome friend since we met and started hanging out. We text very, very regularly. We get together, we go out to eat. She's one of my very best friends. We're part of the Air Force family.

But now...after she let me be a part of Leila's first day. There's been a shift. It's like I walked through a new door of our friendship. I am just so proud of her and her new little family. I can't wait to see how they grow and change and embrace this new sense of being. It was wierd watching her be a new mom and having all those feelings flood back in. I can't believe it's been almost eight years since that was me.

Yesterday was so amazing. My camera saves me from a lot of awkward moments. I love that I usually have it as a mask. I caught myself starting to cry so many times yesterday. I just stick my camera up there til I'm composed and nobody is wise to my sniffling.

Watching Kolt dress the baby was just too much. I already think about the girly things we miss out on as a family of all boys often. But to watch a Daddy with his big old man hands try to manipulate the buttons of a newborn sized sleeper just got the tears a-flowin'. I hate that I'll never get to see Sean be a dad of a little girl. He'll never get to adjust a little pink headband on a newborn head like Kolt kept having to do. It was precious.
ooh, the coloring on this one is a bit off. Oh well, it's the action of the picture I like. :)

Another thing that got me weepy was kinda silly really. They put Leila in her new carseat for the first time. To watch the whole family gather around her oohing and ahhing and squealing, "Oh, look at her!" and "Did you see that?" I love that everything a newborn does is cause for delight. It's all so new and wonderful and amazing. I got one picture of Grandma, Aunt and Mama all lined up with their cellphone cameras out. I didn't have a cell phone with a camera until Titus. It was kinda funny to see how things have changed in such a short time.

What is it about newborns that makes every statement so philosophical. Susannah said she could believe how much her shoulders and arms hurt. All I could think was, "It's because you're carrying around the weight of your world." All those new worries a mom has, "Is she eating enough? Is she pooping too much? Should a baby sneeze that much?" I didn't say it out loud, though. I tend to keep those kinds of thoughts to myself in case I'm the only one that thinks it's so philosophical. Then I come home and blog it, so I guess I didn't really keep it to myself and now you all probably think I'm an arse.

The last weepy moment I had and it was oh so sweet and I want to write it down, just in case Susannah decides to join the scrapbook world and forgets what she said. The baby was all done with the pictures. I mean done. The last few shots are of her in this basket in the sweetest little dress EVER and she is screaming her flippin' head off. I kept shooting, b/c screaming babies are just as cute as calm babies. Susannah squated down and was stroking Leila's cheek trying to calm her down and it just wasn't working. So she picked her up and she was soothed right away and Susannah said quietly with a beautiful, exhausted smile, "I'm somebody's mom now."

I just love the miracle of it all.

Lest anyone's mind wander, I do love babies. I love my three babies. As beautiful as babies are, they cost money and they make you tired and they grow up to be little back talking monsters. Not that I don't love my back talking monsters...As I was recounting all those moments to Sean, I said, "I just hate that we're done with the all the firsts." He kept telling me to calm down. Why do teary eyes{they weren't even spilling over!} scare men so? It's not like I was wielding a pocket knife, yelling about the newborn baby. I was simply telling him about the day and tearing up a bit. He said, "Everyday is still a first. And what's wrong with moving on to seconds?" I'm good with that. By the time you get past the firsts and seconds, they're off to college and vacationing without diaper bags is possible! I'll take it!

just a little side note: Titus sat on my lap while I edited a good bit of the pictures. He is in love with this baby! He keeps saying, "Eh babaaay." SO cute.

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Awe, congrats to her! Beautiful baby girl!!