Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sean sliced the tip of his ring finger off in a mandolin slicer the other day. That's two incidents with his ring finger in one week, the losing of the wedding ring being incident 1.

I knew he was gonna do it the second he pulled the slicer from the drawer. That is one kitchen tool that should've never been invented. Pair that with the fact that Sean treats every cooking experience as though he's competing on Chopped and it just spells disaster.

When I breathed the phrase, "I just knew it..." he had the gaul to say, "Well why didn't you tell me to slow down?" You see! You see why women "nag?!" If I had said, "Honey Bun, my beloved oh so handsome husband, please slow down the slicing of the cuke lest you sever a fingerprint," surely I would've been thought a nag. So I kept my mouth shut. And his hand, should it ever be removed from his body, will be missing a print. It was nasty. I thought it would end in an ER visit, but he finally got it to stop bleeding. His finger will be deformed once it finally heals.

We're taking a lil trip to pick up Mack here shortly. Sean decided his car would be the best one to take. It's easier to tow on the trip back and it gets way better gas mileage. That could have something to do with the fact that his car would fit conveniently in the trunk of my car. Speaking of which, have you seen the Toyota Sienna commercials on youtube? I don't own a Sienna, nor do I condone such things{I <3 my Quest, though}, but the Swagger Wagon commercial is hilarious. Anyways, travel of any kind with kids in tow is usually not all that exciting, but squeezing a car seat, a booster and Simon's lil platform seat thing into Sean's mini car...yeah.

I talked Sean into leaving with enough time to break the travels up a bit. While the BP oil spill was/is a horrible, horrible thing to have happened, have you seen the hotel prices on the Gulf Coast?? We're staying at a Hilton with a view for significantly less than $100, without the military discount.

I guess that's about it. I don't even want to publish this non-sensical post, but I'm bored, it's late and these are the thoughts that came to the surface.
another picture from our River trip. We went again today. I'm thinking the State Park Pass might be in our future. Love this place! If you're local, Guadalupe River State Park is just a skip up 281 and wasn't crowded either day we went. If you go, take water shoes! The rocks are killer on your feet, but perfect for these. The current is swift, but the river is super shallow. Not much to do their besides play in the river & picnic, but that's enough for us!

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Kimberly White said...

Hope the trip goes smoothly (and Sean's fingerprint grows back!)