Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: Fact vs Fiction Edition

Fact is actually a lot more fun than fiction these days, so here are some truthfuls that have happened lately.

1. At the dinner table with my beloveds, I was being a good Ma. I told them they had to finish their potatoes, no excuses. They were cheesy au gratins, not ocra filled gross potatoes or anything. Still, I got,

"These are naaaasty."-Simon

"I bet the starving children in Africa wouldn't think so." I rebutted.

"This. ain't. Africa." He said all slowly and drawn out, but quietly enough that he could've denied a word or two, as far as his thinking may have allowed.

His smirk almost had me. I held my mom look long enough for him to finish the potatoes. His little moment lost him a cookie for dessert. This incident reminded me of a story my dad has told us all of our lives. Same scenario with my Grandma and my Uncle. She told him the starving children in Africa would love to have his dinner.

"Got a stamp?" was his classic reply.

2. One week in to school, both kids are sick. Yay. OOoh and AND...I can feel it in my throat. By tomorrow, I'll be one giant stuffy, snotty barrel of laughs.

3. Whatever this new formula of Dimetapp is, it doesn't work. I'm all for thwarting the meth heads drug making abilities by watering down any and all medications currently on the market, but it really doesn't make for a fun cold season.

4. This movie is reeeeeeeeeeeally long. Just over two hours long, but it is so full of information and explains a lot about our{"our" meaning America} history and our future. I had to break it up in bits, just watching five minutes here, five minutes there, but it was worth it in the end. I now have a completely different view of our last president. Not that I was some ardent fan before, but now...I really don't like people who follow group think. Those that say, "Bush was a horrible president!" but give lame or weak reasons as to why. Don't just follow the crowd, know what you're talking about. If someone had given me just one example like the ones in this video, I would've agreed a long time ago. This video will educate you in ways that will make your head spin. It's not about Republican or Democrat, they're all straight up evil. The politicians, the big money, the media. Craziness. I haven't really digested all the info, but I am questioning everything I've ever known about politics and the powers that be.

5. In the end, this is what matters. This little unit is it.

6. This entry in my book meant a lot yesterday. I'm having some issues in the waiting department, so this is just what I needed.

7. Reading back through some old blog posts, I realize how crass and hateful sounding I can be. Sometimes my writing allows me to be someone I truly am not. I try to come across as tough, I guess. My prayer today is that my heart is always full of love and kindness. That can be hard. I get wrapped up in that group think that truly disgusts me. I don't want to see the stereotypes that the media and culture wants us to see. I want to do my thinking for myself. I don't want to see black and brown and white, I want to see people. I don't want to rant against Muslims or differentiate between Christian or not. I want to see through the eyes of Jesus because he doesn't see the outer layer. He gave his life for all, not just Conservative white Americans.

In real life, I am friends with a lot of people that look, think, act and believe differently from me. I never want to portray myself as false. I want to be real in all aspects of my life. I want to embrace people for what they truly are, even if I don't believe what they believe. I can be an influence, a friend while still being true to my own self, my own beliefs.

8. On to a lighter point, Titus has now entered the bully stage. He throws things with the intent of hitting a human target and/or leaving a mark upon something that needn't be marked. He hits. He's demanding. He'll stand in one spot and yell until he gets his point across. That's a fun game to play. Like when he's pointing at something on a packed full table yelling, "AT! AT!" and we proceed to pick up every last item and ask, "This?" never getting an affirmative answer on the first{or tenth} go 'round. In the end, you realize as the adult, that you are a fool for giving in to his childish antics. You'd think on the third attempt at this parenting thing I would get that sooner rather than later.

9. Really, though, wouldn't you do anything for this face?
Please don't judge the absolute filthiness of my back door. This little grub is always on that door.

10. My trip to the library last week was pretty successful. 2 of the 3 books I got aren't bad. Lullaby by Claire Seeber is pretty good. It's British, so that's always amusing to read how they talk, y'know? Their antics and stuff. That said, it's a book I wouldn't recommend to my mother if you know what I mean. I'm about half way through book #2, The Nobodies Album by Carolyn Parkhurst. So far, so good. The third book I got didn't keep me interested long enough to finish. Becoming Jane Eyre by Sheila Kohler. It's just kinda...blah. I love a good classic, which is what this book is trying to be/explain, but this one definitely falls short.

And that's Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I really, really loved your #6 and #7. I am the world's most impatient person, and I have found myself in a funk the past couple of months over our future (especially now that Ryan's graduation is in 3 months!!).

I am also going through growing pains as a Christian, and your #6 was especially meaningful to me! Thanks so much for sharing! I really do love your posts! :)

nicole said...

don't you love how you send that back to school and they are instantly sick...i know the same thing is totally going to happen to us next week!

becoming jane erye has been on my to-read list forever...good to know it is ok on there for a little bit more :) also are you on goodreads??? you should totally sign up and friend me so i can see what you are reading!

love that photo too...is that kid every not totally cute?

nicole said...

wow on the typos nicole..sorry!

Jude said...

i have been in a readng funk lately... someone just sent me a book though, so i am going to snap out of it...
is that a pink tricycle for titus?? LOL ;)
I think it is key for chrisitian to undersand this:
Jesus was not a republican!