Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: in numbers

1. the Other has been home 1 week & 1 day.
also, the number of fights we've had
also, the number of dates we've been on

2. how many scrapbook pages I've made since Sean came home
how many times I've been to the grocery store alone, for free{i.e. w/o having to pay a sitter}

3. # of hours devoted to trying to gain Texas residency today: car inspection+tax assesors office
the number of bottles of Sangria I've bought since Sean came home.

4. the number of children people are wagering I will have. A losing bet if ever there was one. Knock it off, Dad. :) I'm serious. For the first time ever, we are in complete agreement that three is enough.

5. the amount of kisses I now demand daily from all Amport men. Felix is short today, everybody else met their minimum.
also, the amount of days before we leave to pick up Mack

6. add two zeros, 600 miles is the half way point between here and where Mack is currently being stored. Thankfully, my dad and brother in law are willing to take time off work to drive it half way to us. We're gonna meet 'em in Biloxi or somewhere and pick it up. I am so looking forward to having the Beast back.

ooh, ooh it's also the number of weeks til Scrapfest! I'm going{more to see Beth & Nicole than anything else}Who's in? The thought of a weekend without my children is almost too much. WOW, blows my mind. :)

7. the number of hours we spent at Sea World yesterday. It was so hot and so crowded. We only rode four rides and saw two shows. Theme parks just aren't all that fun when you're a mom. Once the kids are taller than 42" I'm sure it will be more fun. Otherwise, it's just supervising the stroller, melting.

8. the number of days Sean has left on leave

9. the number of times I run the dishwasher daily, now that Sean is home. Nine may be a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much.

Ok, I'm out. I can't think of anything else number related. This was a bad idea, but I was commited to the whole number thing by point 5, so...


Anonymous said...

I laughed at #3! What Sangria are you buying?

Corey said...

hee hee! I'm glad you're enjoying your time with your man!

Kimberly White said...

a great list! So glad for you!

Jude said...

oh, i love the list. the list is good. :) so glad you guys are having fun being "reunited". ;)
I wish you were coming all the way back for Mack... Lincoln asked me yesterday when he saw a pic of your boys, "are we ever going to see simon and felix again?" :( :(

nicole said...

love this list!
can't wait for scrapfest either!!