Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: school edition

I'm gonna try to relate each point to school anyways. We'll see how that works out.

1. This is our last week before school starts. We went camping last night as one last hurrah. It really wasn't all that fun. It's just too hot to do anything. I felt so bad for all the tent campers! It took forever for our AC to kick in. Haha, yeah, we're spoiled a bit. I requested that the hot dogs at least be grilled on our tiny little charcoal grill so we could at least pretend to be real campers.

2. I registered Feefs for 4K last week. Luckily, I didn't have to deal with the evil secretary. The lady that helped me was so nice. I hate that he misses Kindergarten by six days{he's a Sept. B-day}, but I'm glad he'll get to make a slow transition into school. It's a half day program, not the convenient half of the day, but it's at least long enough to run to the grocery store with one less kid.

3. I think I'm actually having a harder time with him going to school that I did with Simon. I didn't think I would, as I've been there, done that already. But he has to ride a bus. It's only a few miles, but still. He is my most misunderstood kid and I really hope it doesn't get him into trouble. His shyness comes off as rude sometimes and I just hope his teacher is kind.

4. We went school supply shopping sans kids. How lame is that? Simon's school does the whole "sharing" thing. On Orientation night, the kids dump all of their supplies into communal bins. There is no joy in picking out cool spiral notebooks. There's no oohing and ahhing over just the right pencil pouch. Last year, Simon got all these superhero folders and notebooks, only to have them passed on to some other kid. Sean was all in a tither about the socialist way of managing first graders. Take from the kid with the Crayola buying parent and give to the kid with the Roseart buying parent. We all know Crayolas are better. Roseart is what you buy when you waited too long and all the good crayons are gone.

Oh well, at least I knew this year.

5. A bunch of people are doing the homeschool thing this year. It kinda makes me want to jump back into it. I may in a couple of years. It would be harder to do now that I know what those few hours of freedom are like.

6. They've changed the hours of the school day this year. 7:20 a.m. I was unaware there was such a time. That's what time school starts.

7. Not school related, but I can educate you all on this: Green Tea Extract. Sean got me into taking them by saying they have natural caffeine in them. Say who? Now I take two, between cups of coffee and I am set to go. I don't get that middle of the afternoon drag that comes from that coffee/caffeine crash. I can see they will be my new BFF once school starts. See there? It does relate.

8. We get back to real life soon. Sean's leave is officially over on Thursday. Thankfully, they care so much about him reintegrating into family life, they put him on nights. He missed out of seven months, what's a few more, right? I was not in a good place when he told me that. Not so much about the schedule, but the situation and conversation surrounding the whole issue. The good thing about it is that he will be back on days for Thanksgiving and Christmas. To relate this to school...the crappiest of crappy parts is that this means I get to do all the school duties. Sean won't be home in time in the mornings to take Simon to school and he'll still be sleeping at pick-up. He'll have days off that he can participate, but night shift just doesn't allow for getting{& staying} on a schedule.

1+1+1= I heart them.

The big two were begging me for a bag of Cheetos in the motorhome. They were stale. Sean reasoned that their palates have not yet learned to differentiate between stale and fresh when it comes to Cheetos. I gave in, they gathered 'round the bag of Orange and I got a few pictures out of it. Man, I love those knuckleheads.

10. The start of school always meant fun Fall clothes and new school supplies to me. My kids get none of that. The school supplies are lame thanks to sharing and it's so stinking hot that I haven't even thought about sweaters and jeans for the boylies. Does anybody have any other traditions that go along with starting school that I could start with my boys?


Corey said...

why is your post about living in TX and starting school making me so homesick? I just miss the heat. I know...I'm sure everyone thinks I'm crazy. LOL! and now....reading about buses and socialist school supplies...and um TIME ALONE (at least with 2/3 of your boy tribe gone for some portion of the day)I'm starting to second guess the whole homeschool thing just a teensy bit! It's working out well for us so far...but yeah that whole 5 hour time span of one less kid...I'm gonna miss that!
I'm sorry too, about Sean working nights. :( We went through that when we first moved here. It was no fun...and no one gets enough sleep!

Anonymous said...

Green Tea Extract here I come! Where do I get these precious things :)

We started a new tradition that I stole from Kelly Lepeska. She makes cookies the first day of school for each kid. So we made peanut butter bars for Isabella for her first day at school. We will do this each year I think! Easy to remember and simple tradition. I am all about that :)

nicole said...

i have been doing cookies on the first day of school the last two years as well....

also so with you on the communal school supplies - i just spent over $25 x2 for the entire class...that just plain sucks!

Jude said...

i cannot tell a lie, community supplies would make me nuts. I would not mind at ALL donating extra in case someone doesn't have the funds to buy all that stuff, and I always send in extras, but to take the joy of getting to pick out your folders? craziness!
Our tradition is to always tuck the boys in together the night before (usually just Micah does) and then we pray with them for their school year :)