Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

the No One child left behind edition

1. My middle child. Of course it happened to my middle child. Today was the first day for Feefs to ride the bus. His teacher put him on the wrong one for the trip home. We sat in the school parking lot not knowing where he was for about 30 minutes. The school principal at our "home" school was dealing with Sean, the school principal from the school he was accidentally dropped off at was dealing with me. The principal from the school he attends called and lastly his poor, distraught, almost in tears teacher called to apologize.

By then, we had found him and were almost to him, so I didn't feel the need to make it worse for her. I could tell she was upset and it was an honest mistake. He was never on his own and there was an adult by his side the whole time. However, I signed a ridiculous amount of papers to make sure something like this didn't happen, as all parents do. He was also wearing a neon orange, laminated, 3X5 card around his neck with all of his information on it. He still ended up in the wrong place. He wasn't bothered by any of it.

He's safe and now all the principals, secretaries and bus drivers involved in my kids schools{plus another school we have nothing to do with} know exactly who we are.

2. It rained today. It really does deserve a point in my post. It hasn't rained, not even a quick summer time shower, in a month. My grass is cron-chee. It's beyond brown and has taken on an almost golden hue. Yuck. The shower dropped the temp from 103 to 84. Almost made me want to put on a parka and some boots.

3. Titus needs to be enveloped in bubble wrap. In the last hour he has smacked his head on the corner of the wall/baseboard earning himself quite the goose egg, hurt his leg in the highchair and slipped on the kitchen floor and didn't have his hands empty to catch himself.

4. I am so tired of hearing about the mosque at Ground Zero. I don't think it will help relations or any of that jive talk. I don't think it is respectful to anyone who lost someone on 9/11. BUT, religious freedom is what America is all about. I do see the arguments from both sides. I think it's incredibly ironic that politicians aren't so religious conscious around say...Christmas. How many times do we hear about a Nativity being removed every single year? I'm tired of it being the only story on the news. People act surprised. Nothing surprises me anymore. Just the observations of this simpleton.

5. While on the subject...every time I watch the news lately, I can't help but conjure up images from the Incredibles. Maybe that makes sense to someone besides just me.

6. I miss Seattle. So so badly. I would give anything to live in that city for the rest of our lives. One day. I always miss that city more during {what should be} the Fall.

7. I could never respect a man who wears skinny jeans. I just couldn't. I think they are gross. I've mentioned that once before, but my eyeballs were assaulted recently by a man's body being squeezed into an article of clothing that was never intended for the male body.

8. I also have no respect for people who actually say, "OMG." Really? I didn't realize it was even a thing until I heard, get this, a teacher say it to another teacher. I think you have a texting problem if you're speaking in text. Maybe I've finally reached that point in my oldness that I'm stuck on words that were cool when I was a teenager. Do people still say "cool?" OMG, maybe they don't.

9. Oh good, point 9. I'm obviously short on issues of importance this Tuesday eve. It's time for my aforementioned child to turn 5. I was planning on having his party on the actual day. It's a weekday, though. I guess that might keep the riff raff out. I, for one, don't typically look forward to giving up my Saturday mornings for other peoples kids. Maybe all his classmates parents will feel the same. I plan to do the jumphouse thing again as it was a huge hit at T's party.

10. I am going to the library tomorrow. Any recommendations?


Corey said...

1. are you serious?! that is crazy! i would be piiiissssed!!!
2. i love when it rains and its still warm. it doesn't really do that here.
3. he would be so cute in bubble wrap. :)
4. and 5. totally and totally! :)
6. Oakland is a lot like Seattle...weather wise anyway ;)
7. I know! and boys...why do they make them for boys?? it's so ridiculous.
8. OMG really? (j/k)
9. I forget we have kids with almost the same bdays. Megan is this Saturday. Happy Bday Feefs!
10. I just got done with The Lovely Bones. I loved it. didn't see the movie. it is a little dark, but a really good story none the less. Next on my list is The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I heard that was really good.

Jude said...

oh my word, i would have freaked out... again, if you were my neighbor I would safely deliver him to your day after school every day... I'm just sayin' :)
I think the OMG was my fave of this list.
I miss you.

nicole said...

poor felix! that is crazy scary!

had to laugh at the omg comment - jeff and i say that to each other to be stupid - it really is ridiculous if you are seriously saying that.

and i'm so with you on the skinny jeans...i'm not a big fan of them at all - girls or boys - especially when that is all i seem to see for my 6 year old girl...really?!