Friday, August 20, 2010

Exactly one year ago:
Back to today, being sweet, getting along somewhat reluctantly:
Beating the ever loving snot out of each other:
These two, wow. At least they hit with an open hand. They really aren't as violent as some brothers I've seen, but I am not all about the hitting.

I think I've mentioned before that I have mock conversations with my children. It's all one sided for a time. It's what makes my kids so smart. So verbal.

-Doodley doo doo doo, colorin' with my chalk.
-OOoh, she's watching me.
-Just keep coloring and she won't take my chalk. This-a here, MY chalk.
-How pret-ty.
And this is how he retracts his chalk holding claws. Boy has a grip! Alas, he likes coloring on my walls a bit too much for Sean's taste. He doesn't see the artistic expression in chalk drawings so much. Chalk{and all other writing utensils for that matter} are strickly forbidden indoors for this one.


Corey said...

cute, cute boys! ♥♥♥

nicole said...

isn't it crazy how much a year can change things!! especially when you have the photos next to each other to compare :)

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be ironic if T-man uses his chalk to outline the lifeless bodies of his older brothers on the driveway after they murder each other.....I'm just saying....


(by the way, don't worry so much about the violence....that's just how boys talk to each other)