Wednesday, September 22, 2010

10 on Tuesday: the encrypted version


2. Table 13, seat 4
3. Shots, Nev, Ninja & Lush
4. "1, 2, 3...GO!...Okay...1, 2, 3...GO! GO! Just drink it!"-Nicole. It was something like that, right?
5. B.H. Enough said.
6. Meet Virginia, by Train...boy has that song taken on a whole different meaning.
9. UFF'DA!-that's a bonus b/c I just learned what it is. There's no hidden joke behind it or anything.
10. See you soon.

I have so many things I want to say, but can't put into words. That's where the 40 million scrapbook pages will come into play, I suppose.

A bonus #11. That's me! Right there in the middle with the super cute headband. On LISA LEONARD'S BLOG!! What?!? We got to spend a couple minutes with her at the Creative Connection. Beth gave me her Family Tree when Sean deployed & I bought one of her necklaces{I think it was that one} for Helena when she had the twins. Super fabulous jewelry, but I never really thought about the maker. Meeting her was awesome. She is so cute and has GREAT hair.

Anyways, Titus is currently trying to shove a giant plastic car into the bowels of my printer. Better get on that! More chatter to come. I have a googabillion pictures from the trip, some current events to share{yikes!-this is England, but surely there are some Yanks thinking it might be a swell idea also} and some pictures of my babies will enter the scene at some point.

***Because I can't stand taking pictures for/of someone else and getting no recognition, credit, or even a shout out: all photos are courtesy of Beth and her fantasmic fotograffic skillz. :)


Corey said...

look at you on the same page as Pioneer Woman and everything! awesome! It's a very cute headband. I just started making some for Megan the other day and then I saw yours on Facebook. Maybe I need to make some for myself. Super cute.

Jude said...

great list. go virginia tech! ;) hahahahaha :)

beth said...

1. after the car drove by.
2. :)
3. love it.
4. she said that to you. i have proof.
5. :)
6. love jude's comment.
7. i look like an idiot. i should have taken another one.
8. nice pic. it's on my blog too. (yes...i blogged today)
9. once you know what it means, you'll be saying it. plus it's kind of hard to explain. when you live here, you just get it.
10. youbetcha.

Lisa Leonard said...

oh my gosh you are too sweet. it was lovely to meet you of you. aren't girlfriends the best? xxooo

nicole said...

this post made me laugh and get a little sad too...such a perfect recap of the weekend. so happy that we all had that time together...and hopefully we have many more memorable weekends together in the future as well!