Tuesday, September 14, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1. (clearing my throat, because it's an important one after my previous post): I am not a conspiracy theorist. I just found a youtube video interesting...just like several other million people. I didn't make the video. Of course, Muslim extremists flew planes into the Towers. I would like to have enough confidence{notice I didn't say faith} in our government to think they had no involvement or didn't purposely overlook warning signs, but when you read stories like THIS & THIS{local news to us!} & THIS...well?

2. Another video I find interesting:  
It's about Japan's economy and how America's stacks up next to it. 

3. I plan to jump on this physical fitness bandwagon that has been circling lately. I asked for running shoes for my birthday. I suppose heart health is important?

4. I am so looking forward to Thursday that I don't think I'll sleep a wink until I am in Minnesota. Yay for early, non-stop flights!

5. I was reading about Ronald Reagan a bit ago. I wanted to know more about his economic policies and such. Did you know...
*He did not want George H.W. Bush as his running mate?
*He was only in office for 69 days before the assassination attempt?
*John Hinckley's{the unsuccessful assassin}brother and VP Bush's son, Neil, had a dinner date scheduled for the night after the assassination attempt.

I was just surprised by the coincidences and intertwining of those involved. There's much more to the story, but this post is working up to be a long one already.   

6. The more I learn, the more duped I feel. Republicans and Democrats, there's not much difference. Are there any decent politicians left? If so, how long will they stay honest? How much will they sell their souls for? It's sickening how much our lives are controlled by their greed and personal agendas. Like a giant chess board or puppets on a string. The politicians, not us. We just get the fall out for their whacked out decisions.

7. I just finished The Last Song by Nicolas Sparks. Good, sad, the usual. I got the movie, just to compare. It doesn't. I was better off with the picture of the main characters in my head than Miley Cyrus. I can't help it, she annoys me. The way she talks makes me look to see if she's wearing a retainer every single time. I do like her music, though. I can admit that.

8. I do not have a Good Reads account. It's on my to-do list. I got to go to the library last week all alone. I had no idea what for, I just wanted some books. Lots of judging books by their covers.

9. Buddy Holly & I:
& the one that is now able to do a headstand. He's crazy good at the X, but can't quite get his legs straight without having a brother there to quickly remedy his display and ego.
10. This is hilarious:

11. A bonus point: Am I the only person reading this interested in topics 1, 2, 5 & 6? If so, I can shut up about it. Then again, maybe not. It's interesting to me. I love putting puzzle pieces together and figuring out how current events affect me directly. History is fascinating and how else can you determine what the future holds without looking into our past? History repeats itself, that's what they say.

I like to hear others view points. I am no expert. The information I find is not Biblical truth, it's just other people's opinions. If there are no facts to back up what they say, it's just speculation. I read everything with a grain of salt. Feel free to leave your input!


Anonymous said...

So, I try to avoid politics, but I can weigh in on Miley Cyrus...I have to admit to liking some of her songs...and I *may* have even watched a few episodes of Hannah Montana. However, I *HATE* to see her perform! She totally ruined a whole episode of American Idol for me last year...she head bangs to literally every single one of her songs! Cheesy ballad? Yep, I can head bang to that...it just really annoys me! lol.

Corey said...

The politics thing...don't stop doing it! I've learned a lot of interesting things from stuff you've posted here. History is fascinating!
That scare tactics thing...Oh my gosh, that would have made me pee my pants! that is so mean! LOL!
And Miley Cyrus....ugh I can not stand her. She just seems almost like Lidsay Lohan in the making to me. I can't stand her talking voice or her face. I know, I'm mean. But her songs are ok...as long as I don't have to look at her! LOL!

hippo chick said...

Okay, first I must admit to NEVER having heard a Miley Cyrus song that I know of. Also, I've never seen her act, etc. Just the idea of her irritates me. See what a crochety old lady I am.

Politics. We have so many of the same ideas so I really enjoy readinig your comments. I am soooo sick of both parties. It's so sad that I don't really trust or believe anybody.

In your reading about Ronald Reagan did it say he was a Christian? My daughter went to a National YFC conference when he was in office and he told them he was an evangelical Christian. He told them to go back to their schools, stand up for their rights and start Bible studies. She did. I was so pumped that our president would say that.

Okay, this is enough. I hope you are having the time of your life in Minnesota. Come back to the blog post soon.

~hippo hugs~