Tuesday, September 28, 2010

10 on Tuesday/day 2 of WITL

1. From my devotions this morning.
Psalm 33
13From heaven the Lord looks down

and sees all mankind;
14from his dwelling place he watches
all who live on earth—
15he who forms the hearts of all,
who considers everything they do.

2. $62. That's what I sold the rights to any future children for. Buh-bye maternity clothes. Tomorrow, I go back to consign my stroller. Is that...could it be...angels singing??
3. At the consignment store, full of 80,000 faded plastic toys, Titus scratched his face on an excersaucer{and screamed}, thought I was leaving him as it looked like a place kids typically get left{and screamed}, and fell head first off of an Elmo airplane ride on toy, splitting his lip and bruising his forehead. AND SCREAMED. It was sweet irony for me, the giver awayer of all things pertaining to small people under my care.  
4. Parent/Teacher conference tomorrow and Thursday. I have nothing to add to that. It's just a boring old fact.

5. Hence, half days all this week. It's strange to me that they still eat lunch at school on half days. What a waste of time.

6. This girl loves her Mama: 

7. The garbage disposal made a funny noise today. Calling, "Oh, Husband!" made me so glad he's home. Sometimes in the day to day, I forget what it was like when he was gone. Not having to stick my hand in that nastiness made me so happy.

8. Simon used the phrase, "Get the heck outta dodge," this evening. He was speaking of the fact that we'd been sitting in the car for 45 minutes waiting on Sean's stinking nurses meeting to wrap up. We cut our park time with a friend short to get back to the hospital. Only to have to wait. And wait. And wait.

9. I only took 5 pictures for day 2 of Week in the Life. Well, of us. I took a bunch of a certain Little Miss. I'll do better tomorrow. :)

10. Because I'm out of points and she is too cute to just share one picture:

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Corey said...

awe. what a sweet sweet baby! You're really ready to give up the stroller?! Isn't that an awesome feeling. They are the most annoying things ever! LOL!