Saturday, September 11, 2010


In our house, today was a day of celebration. My boy's fifth birthday party. Cakes and presents and gobs of screaming, sweaty children jumping in a bounce house.

But who can forget?

I watched this video a week or two ago. I don't really know what to think. It brings up questions I asked on the day of. It brings up lots of good points and things that make ya go, "Hmmm." Last night on the History Channel{yes, we lead exciting lives}, they had 9/11 Conspiracies playing. I had to listen. They were debunking all the claims made in this exact youtube video. Except...the "experts" didn't really give convincing evidence as to why their claims are so outrageous.

It's the easily explainable things that they just won't explain. If there's nothing to hide, then clear the air.

I had no idea George Bush's brother was in charge of security at the World Trade Center.
I think the way they pulled bomb dogs out just days before 9/11 is a bit coincidental.
The third building that collapsed seems very convenient.
Mostly, though, the put options are what really lead one to believe somebody knew something.

I just think some of their claims make sense. This video changed my way of thinking about 9/11 and I can appreciate anyone who has a different point of view about things.

I have this friend that has changed a lot of my thinking, too. Her little girl goes to school with Felix and we see each other at the bus stop every single day. She's very kind and outgoing and I find myself looking forward to chatting with her every day. She couldn't come to Felix's birthday party today. She was told to stay inside, not to leave her house. For her own safety. She's a Muslim from Jordan. Sad, huh? With all those nutjobs like the Koran burning Floridian, I think she made the right decision.

Anyways, watch for yourself and let me know what you think.

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Corey said...

i watched about 40 minutes of it...i'll have to go back later and catch the rest. It is very interesting. The thing that got me was the plane at the pentagon.That seemed very strange to me.
Hope Felix had a great birthday party!