Thursday, September 30, 2010

American Economics/day 4 WITL

TOO funny not to post.

My boy, Simon, has already got it at seven years old. The reason Ford and GM can never compete with foreign auto makers. He's figured out that we don't make appliances or cell phones or televisions. Not clothes, not toys, not even enough food to be self reliant.

The question was, "How are road maps and concept maps alike and different?"

His answer, "Road and concept maps are the same because they both have lines that show the way that you need to go. And they both are made out of paper. And also made in China. I think there made there. Because everything is made there."

His answer rambles on long past that point, but that was the funniest little bit. That boy...

Two quick pics from WITL. Mr. T and his shoes. He gets frantic when his feet are bare.
I love that these two are buds. I couldn't have picked better neighbors if I'd tried. This man and his wife saved me so many times during Sean's deployment. We are so lucky to have them as friends. They love our kids, they listen to me ramble, they make us homemade salsa...I mean really, what more could a girl ask for?
On that note, I am off! It's OCTOBER! That means Fall{ishness, maybe, if we're lucky}, my birthday{and this is the year that they start going backwards! Right, Jude?? ;);)}, and Halloween{still working on Sean to let me have a party}!


nicole said...

is it bad that i think that photo of titus is unbelievably adorable even though he is obviously not liking it??
funny too since my kids are the whip off the socks and shoes any chance we get :)

Corey said...

Simon is just too smart for his own good! LOL!

Jude said...

yes, backwards for sure!! (and um, hopefully a friend who gets you your present before, say... july?!?!)