Monday, September 06, 2010


to the one that got the greatest name
& lives up to the "happy" meaning, 99% of the time
to the coolest kid we have,
I mean, you flip your collar, way cool and way 80's, my boy
to the boy who has the fastest growing fingernails ever
and washes his shoes if they get dirty
who constantly has food on his face
and makes me think of bright colors
to the one who is in love with a girl, but can't quite get her name right: Isa-vella
(coincidentally, she says his name, "Fill-ux"}
the one that says, "That was awesome!" after falling off his bike, instead of crying
and tends to roll with every punch life{or his brother} hands him
who is currently taking advantage of his birthday status
{i.e. "Simon you're my slave today b/c it's my birthday" & "I get two cupcakes b/c it's my birthday!"}
to the one who is so surprised to earn "way to go" marks every single day at school, even knowing he hasn't stepped out of line with his teacher
the one who can read, but is scared of getting it wrong that he doesn't try out loud

to the boy who fits so perfectly into the middle
who makes that place in our family look easy
takes crap from his big brother
without dishing it out to his little brother
plays legos with the big and
rides the little around on his four-wheeler

who knows when to share
& when to hold on tight

the one I worry about the most b/c he has such a tough exterior
with such a "smarshmellow" interior

to the five year old that I love best
Happy Birthday, Feefs

Feefs is 5 from Chrissy Amport on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Loved the video and that version of the song was perfect with it! We love our Fill-ux too! Happy birthday big boy from the Normans!!

Kimberly White said...

Happy Birthday F!

Dettao said...

Happy birthday, Felix!

Corey said...

I ♥ Felix! Happy Birthday dude! 5 is a big one!
Love the slide show and the song. Crazy that I've known you for at least 4 of his 5 years! crazy!

nicole said...

happy (belated) birthday felix!!

love that video chrissy!! he is such a cutie :)

Jude said...

love love love it.
i miss that boy.
give him a big fat hug for me, and pretend he remembered who i am ;)