Friday, September 24, 2010

ho hum

Facebook is killing my desire to blog. Reading through peoples one liners, I find myself thinking, "Who cares?!" an awful lot. And these people are my friends! I should care! Something about facebook just makes people post the most random thoughts that don't mean a thing.

Which is what I used to do here.

They may not mean a thing to anybody else, but they obviously meant enough to me to write them down. So here's to trying to get a word in more often than once a week.

I've spent a lot of time watching documentaries lately. The thing about documentaries is that they're biased. Always. Any time I watch one, I go looking for the opposing view, just to find a middle ground. The way I look at it, he with the most facts wins. Usually the weaker opponent goes to character assassination.

Most documentaries have been politically based and I've discovered not many people care about educating themself. I can't figure out why people get all skeeved out when politics are brought up. Shouldn't everybody care about those in power? History? Our future?

Moving on...

Mr. T has developed some new less than lovely practices that should be recorded:
**He has figured out some magical button on the computer keyboard that makes it impossible for any site to save sign ins/passwords. I tend to have really long sign ins and really complicated passwords. His new trick makes it so fun to compute.
**He has also figure out that the escape button can delete anything you've just spent ten minutes typing.
**Oddly enough, he still hasn't figured out what the word, "NO" means.
**His water table is going on the dumpster list. He likes to fill up a cup and then dump it down the front of him. Over and over. We've been through two outfits today and he ended on a white trash, diaper baby note. Luckily, our fences are high.
**Like a hyper puppy, he runs every time the door opens. He loves being outside. Which I can appreciate. The wailing for ten minutes every time the door closes without him going through it, I can not appreciate.

And with that, and his concerted effort to shove my keyboard platform under my desk with every click I type...I am done!


Corey said...

Oh Titus! This is the stage I like the least...the 18 months to 2 year stage. They're mobile and vocal, but still can't quite communicate without winning and crying a bit. Oh and the temper they get. I always just kinda wanted to move right on to 3. But that's me.
The politics thing...I think, at least for me, the reason why people clam up about it is the confrontation thing. That, and being uninformed. I don't like confrontation at all, so if I think there might be a slight disagreement, I just back off. Also I'm not real good at come-backs. And that really does come from lack of information. And the fact that my brain just doesn't work that way. I'm not real quick. (LOL) I tend to have to think things over for second before I respond. People who want to talk politics don't like that. They want to know what you think right now. So usually when it gets deep, or when I feel a little too challenged, I clam up.
Anyway. That's my two cents :)
I hope you have a good Friday night...we're off to church for "Sunday school".

Corey said...

oh and for you use Firefox? There's an add-on called LastPass that I use. It will remember your user names and passwords for every site you ever want it to remember. All you have to do is remember your password for Lastpass. It's pretty cool.

Kimberly White said...

I have a facebook account ... and I only use it to email people. My blog is for my thoughts ... Titus is getting so big!

PS, Looks like you guys had fun!

Brown English Muffin said...

facebook did the same thing to was a fight to come back but at least I won the fight!!!