Thursday, September 30, 2010

Learning/day 3 WITL

Titus has learned to nod. Instead of shaking his head no as an answer to every question we ask, he nods. Usually, the only question we ask is, "Did you poop?" He's correct at least 20% of the time.

Titus also learned that dumping LemiShine{a somewhat expensive dishwasher detergent for water so hard it makes dishes look as if they've been washed with milkweeds, and it has the same consistency as sugar} all over the kitchen floor and then tracking it through the house via plastic lawnmower wheels...makes mama nuts. Can anyone make sense of that sentence? I am verbose. The bad part about the whole thing is that I was in the kitchen when he did it, not realizing just what a mess he'd made. I can't get it all up. There will forever be sugar sized granules on my kitchen floor.

Felix has learned the Pledge of Allegiance{as evidenced by my FB movie}. I didn't even know they were reciting it at school. I'm either a bad mom or unpatriotic enough that I didn't make him learn it regardless of what the teacher is doing. Either way, he got it.

I had a conference with his teacher today. I usually leave conferences beaming. Today was no exception. His teacher said the same thing Simon's teachers always say, "If we could have fifteen Felix's, teaching would be easy."

I am learning that consigning things is a ripoff, but more profitable than yard sales and easier than Craigslist and more. I am also learning not to make up game scores. We've been playing Uno a lot(a whoooooooooooooole lot} lately. The big kids totally get the rules and can hang with us Uno Pro adults. Sean is ruthless and evil; I at least try to let the underdog keep up. The one most important lesson I have learned: a kid can discern a small winning gap from a big one. Never, ever inflate imaginary points. Yikes.

Simon learned yesterday that I am dead serious about not carrying pens in his pocket. He was wrestling with Felix and it ended in a puncture wound to the side{Felix's}. He got everything in his pockets taken away for a week. Only those who truly know Simon, understand how big of a deal that is. Simon will be learning momentarily that his first guitar lesson is Sunday afternoon. 

Repeating my facebook status from earlier today, as it will be making it's way on to a scrapbook page eventually:

"I'm being really short with idiots today." -Sean, said after making a snide comment aimed at an idiot that cut him off in traffic
"You're being really short w/brilliant people, too, just so you know." -Me

Sean learned one other thing: how to turn a normal bike into a white trash version. Feefs is still kinda scared of the whole two wheeler idea. We decided to take the smaller wheels off his old bike and put them on his bigger, new bike. I don't really know why this seemed like a good idea, other than it made his new bike, smaller. Got it? Half way through this little project, after Sean had bent and formed the new bike frame to the smaller tire, he realized the front could not be bent enough. Felix's bike now has one small tire on the back, and one big tire on the front. You can barely tell, but Sean wasn't as amused as I. He also did not see the value in my documenting the whole process from different angles, most of which were taken deliberately in his face just to annoy him.
Say cheese! He said a lot of things...none of which were cheese.

After reading back through my post, I have come to the conclusion that I really need to readdress some grammatical rules. Number one being semicolon usage. And prepositions. I start a lot of sentences with prepositions. I assume one day, typing will be obsolete anyways, so maybe I ought not stress over grammar and punctuation. :)


Corey said...

ok i might need a better visual of the bike. The whole idea is cracking me up!

Jude said...

hmmm... i can't even remember what a preposition is, but i am fairly certain i start alot of my run sentences with them. and verbose?!?! that is like, my love language!