Thursday, September 23, 2010

more on MN

I forgot a big one: Nicole's horrible wishing skills. I don't know how I excluded that from my last post. :)

Some more pictures. I'm sure everybody will get sick of seeing pictures of us, but it's been fun going through them and editing and thinking about pages to come. My stinking Costco membership just expired and I can't decide if it's worth it to renew. I get gas and diapers, pictures and Propel there. That's about it. Do you see how my ADD works? I go from pictures to Costco. It makes sense in my head.

click to see the whole thing
I love this picture. Beth & Nicole in their 5K. I was already kind of emotional thinking about the reason for the 5K But to watch these girls finish it after running the whole thing? Forget about it, I'm glad I had my camera to cover my face. So proud of you two.
I was the only one that didn't sign up for the 5K. I'm lazy like that. Apparently, I can also persuade people to not run in lieu of having their pictures taken. Isn't she beautiful? "Julia! Julia! Ms. Roberts, over here!" haha
And she got this picture of me. I love it! As soon as it popped up on my screen, all I could think was, "Life doesn't get much better than this." True happiness, right there.
I'm always bummed to leave my friends when we go on these trips. It's a deflated feeling going back through the airport that you skipped through four days earlier at the onset of the trip. This time though, I cried my eyes out. I cried walking to my gate. I cried when they announced our flight. I was a mess. I just hate that my best friends are so far away.

Life is back to normal already. Funny how kids do that to you. The memories of a weekend spent primping and staying out late, shopping without strollers quickly replaced with, "Mama! MAMA! JUICE, peeeeeeez!" and being stabbed with a fork to reload a piece of cantaloupe.

It's all good. All of it.


Dettao said...

wow, that picture of Jude! Wow. and the one of you with the sun flare, soooo cool.

Jude said...

Aw, another great post... I need to do one! thanks for getting that pic of me, i need to make it my profile! ;)
And I LOVE that photo of you, one of my faves from the trip! You are so beautiful!

nicole said...

i think we need to see where the b.h. path goes before we claim my wishing skills were bad :) - although that was really pretty funny!!

love that we got so many great photos...
and thanks for your photos and support during that race - seeing you two standing there at the end definitely made it even better!!

wish we could do it all again soon.