Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. It's raining again! I love it. It's the closest thing we have to Fall here, a rainy end to summer.

2. The boys are in jeans today. Despite the fact that it's so humid you can swim through the air, it looks a little chilly.

3. The Commissary had their quarterly case lot sale this weekend. The deals are insane. So much so that it was actually worth it to stand in line for an hour, shop for an hour in what should have taken me about ten minutes, and stand in line for another hour waiting to be checked out. Sean did not think it was worth it having stayed at home with the boys after working all night.

4. Felix had a smashing good time on his birthday yesterday. His favorite present was a pillowpet. I had no idea they were so popular. According to the Toys R Us man, they sell out so fast they don't bother shelving them. They just dump them in a bin at the front of the store. Why am I not smart enough to patent some genius idea like a flat stuff animal?

5. His party is Saturday. I sent invitations to his entire class. Only one has RSVP-ed and that was with a "no." I'm wondering if the rest of his class will even respond.

6. Back to the patents, I do actually have an idea that is photography related that is absolutely brilliant. I won't share lest any of you are idea theives. I really ought to do some research on patenting. It's something I would totally buy and it would be a hit in the scrapbooking/photography arena, for sure.

7. Disturbing little fact: Food stamp usage in the U.S. has now increased for 14 consecutive months. There are now 39.4 million Americans on food stamps, up 22.4% from one year ago. The U.S. government is now paying out more to Americans in benefits than it collects in taxes. As food inflation continues to surge, our country will soon have no choice but to cut back on food stamps and other entitlement programs

From this news story

I was thinking about inflation and googled "food inflation 2010" as it's something that will affect every single one of us. That story popped up. It's just sad. What are people supposed to do? Of course there are people that don't need food stamps and are just taking advantage of the system, but now, more than ever, there are a lot that actually do need help. Sad.

8. Simon's second week of homework is laughable. I was planning on skipping Orientation, but now I have to go just to ask the teacher how long they plan to review 1+1. The thought of homeschooling keeps coming back to me. I really don't want to, but I feel like I may not have an option. Is my free time worth more than their education? Most days my honest answer is, "yeah, kinda."

9. I am so flippin' excited to be going to Minnesota, I just can't even stand it.

10. Simon and I had the longest talk today. I couldn't stop staring at him. His mannerisms and facial expressions, his speech has matured so much. He baffles me. I have to email his teacher about some punk that's been bugging him. He's been standing up for himself{!}, but it doesn't sound like this little jerk is getting the message.


Corey said...

Why don't people RSVP anymore? I think all new mom's...no wait...all 12th graders should have a lesson etiquette before graduating. It's an important life skill!
Food stamps...isn't it crazy?! And even crazier, I know several people whom I'm sure would qualify to get them and they don't. So the number would be even higher.
I'm sad about MN. I want to go too! But I'm totally happy you get to go :) Kid free weekend??! Beth??! Nicole??! so lucky!

nicole said...

i was just going to write the same comment as corey...people just rsvp already!

so excited to have you coming to mn too...only a week away :)

Jude said...

a, i'll send em to the party, but you have to keep him for a week ;)
ok, em wants a pillow pet soooo badly, are they that cute. I saw them on an informercial and told him they were junk and stuffed with peanut shells. (bad mom i know)
MN... CANNOT WAIT!!!!!! :)