Tuesday, October 05, 2010

10 on Tuesday on Wednesday

1. We went to National Night Out tonight. Did your town have it? I mean...it is National. My friend from school invited us. We live in the same neighborhood, but apparently, our HOA's are different. Turns out, our HOA didn't respond to the invitation that the two combine and throw this brouhaha together. We felt like party crashers and didn't end up staying for the free food.

2. I got this cookbook at the library yesterday. We're trying to be more aware of the crap we're putting in our bodies. I've always been one for organic if the price wasn't too inflated. Organic just makes sense to me. Why would I want to ingest all those preservatives and junk, when there is a healthier alternative. I have been paying closer attn to ingredients in our processed foods. When you break it down and realize you are ingesting antifreeze, small as the doses may be, in a LOT of processed/frozen foods...it's kinda alarming. More on that soon. It may have to be a whole separate post.

3. Simon's first guitar lesson went splendidly. He's eager to practice every single day. He's got Em and G chords down pat.

4. Mr. T's new word, "Be-EET!" That's what he calls his blankets. He has two that he will not sleep without, both made by friends.

5. Felix was a victim of domestic violence yesterday. His "girlfriend" punched him in the side and the wedding is off. She is no longer prettier than me either. According to him, of course.

6. Tonight is Sean's last night shift! He was on nights when he deployed, so I can't even remember the last time he worked days. I welcome the change, but at the same time, I'm not all about being woken up at 4am with his banging around getting ready. I may attempt to be a good wife and get up with him. Highly unlikely, but it seems like a good idea.

7. I accidentally heard one line from Margaritaville three days ago. It has been looping through my brain ever since. It's to the point that I am actually angry about it. It's so stuck that I fear I will forever have animosity towards parrots and palm trees.

8. We have a new rule in our house that is working out smashingly. No TV whatsoever on school days. The kids don't even notice.

If you don't care about your health or government, skip the next two highly disturbing points.

9. This is CNN, not some obscure news source. So, who's gettin' that H1N1?? Not saying it's the same, I'm saying don't put so much faith in the government. This just goes to show what crazy people in power think they can get away with. You could argue this was a long time ago, but how often do you hear about drug recalls? Just yesterday I heard a law firm putting out a call to people who used Paxil while pregnant. It seems the drug trials continue and we are their mice.

10. There are too many articles! If you drink diet sodas or eat anything containing aspartame, you may want to google the aspertame/Donald Rumsfeld connection. It's just straight up crazy. What the heck does a politician have to do with an artificial sweetener? Google it and find out.

Okay, one little tidbit in case that didn't peak your interest...it was not approved by the FDA for SIXTEEN years. Now, it's in over 5,000 foods, drinks and medicine. What could possibly have changed the FDAs mind? Hmmmmmmmmm?


latoya m. said...

Your #9, ticked me off when I saw it. The government is not above doing some really SHADY stuff. Granted, I'd love to have a gov't job for the money, but collectively I'm becoming more and more leary.

Corey said...

1. I didn't know about National Night out. I don't think I'd like to participate in that event in Oakland LOL! But we did used to do it at our swanky neighborhood in Tracy.
2. I've seen that cookbook. I might need to go grab it. We've been on the healthier food kick for a while. One thing I haven't quite given up yet (for the kids) is the frozen chicken nuggets. I know they're horrible. But they're SO easy. That's the only excuse I have. laziness.
3.Guitar lessons?! how fun! I can totally see him being great at it.
4.awe! i love blanky kids ♥
6.I didn't mind Pete on the night shift...but it is SO much nicer when he's on days. It's just so much more normal. It just is.
7.now I need to go listen to that song...
8.That's awesome! we watch so much less now. I thought being home all the time would make it worse.
9.Shocking and disturbing? YES. Surprising? NO.
10? what? I need to google that.

Jude said...

oh my word... and you know me, i think the flu shot is all sketchy! I am scared to google aspartame and donald... but i will, and then i will be forced to give up my crystal light peach tea I am sure!

Brown English Muffin said...

Thanks for number 10 especially!!!