Monday, October 18, 2010

10 on Tuesday

What an original title for my blog post. I don't think I've ever used it before.

1. I wish Texas would jump on the Fall bandwagon. I really can't complain about 85 degree days, though. Better than 105.

2. We found a church. It has won the approval of all five of us. The people were friendly and the Gospel was preached. That's all we've been looking for. Kinda tough to find both in one place, sadly.

3. I took some pictures on Sunday of the coolest people I know. Ashlee is a Photoshop Phenomenon and is going to edit them herself. My kinda photography! I can't wait to see what she does with them.

4. Rocco's book, the one I was all excited about last's a flop. We've tried five or six recipes and they're all nasty. I like the principle of finding healthy substitutions for fattening ingredients, but his recipes just fall short in the taste department.

5. It was my favorite man's 89th Birthday today. I miss him so very much. :( I called to chat it up with him and wish him all kinds of birthday wishes. He sounded kinda down. He kept saying how much he misses us. It's good to be missed, I just wish I could hop on a plane and go see him. Next year! I plan to throw him one heckuva party.

It seems like his age is finally catching up with him. He's never seemed his age. Considering Sean takes care of 50 year olds in worse health, 60 year olds on their death bed, Grandpa has always seemed younger than he is. Now he's using a cane and not driving at night. He's forgetting things that he didn't used to forget. It just makes me sad.

6. My kids are eating me out of house and home. For real, they're killing my grocery budget. Lord help me when they hit their teens. Their bellies are just never full. I don't get it.

7. On that same note, we had to go clothes shopping yesterday. Thankfully, Grandma contributed to the "all three hit a growth spurt at the same time" clothing fund. We went up to the outlets and found absolutely nothing I was willing to pay real money for. I guess once they hit the middle of the boys section, it's all obnoxious colors and hideous graphics. Barf. I still think the balance of freakin' adorable girl clothes vs. stank boy clothes is completely unfair. I get it, it's just no fun for us boy moms.

8. Back to point 3...sorry if you thought you were the coolest in my circle. I don't mean to offend, but someone has to be the coolest. I mean, just look at them. The clothes, totally her idea. The peeking up her slip, totally his:

9. We also did some non-Rockabilly shots:

10. If you post pictures of a baby in their diaper on Photobucket, they will be removed. Just a little sidenote so you don't waste time uploading and/or end up looking like a perv.


Corey said...

Those pics are so cute! you'll have to post them again when she edits them :)
The clothes thing...girl I know! I hate buying clothes for Jake. There is just nothing cute! and I'm sorry, I REFUSE to buy skinny jeans for boys. refuse. Do you guys have an Oshkosh outlet? I usually have pretty good luck there for both boys and girls. The only bad thing...I think the sizes only go up to 8 or 10 so I won't be getting Jake stuff there for much longer :(

Brown English Muffin said...

I remember what was that show!!! Darn!!!

I love the pic of the little on in front of the car...totally awesome!!!

And as for clothes...look at it this way, the money you save on clothes you can spend on food....boys eat more, girls wear more!!!

Kimberly White said...

Hooray for finding a church home! Great 10!

latoya m. said...

I agree... hooray for finding a church home! Me? I'm getting ready to start looking for another... my "fabulous" church home is starting to look not so fabulous anymore. I'm a little sad about that. But I'm glad you find one... it's such a comfort.

Jude said...

woohoo on a church to call home :)
your coolest comment has incensed me... but only because I already knew i was not cool. boo.
i have found a lovely mecca here. a thrift store that has AMAZING clothes. I got like 6 pairs of shoes for me, one for alden, cleets for lincoln, three skirts (two jean) and something else.... oh well, it all only cost 59$. They have great kids clothes too :)

i guess you will have to come here just to save $$ on kids clothes ;)