Sunday, October 10, 2010

28 on 28

1. My very first birthday present today: vomit. In the form of chocolate cake. ALL OVA. I will never think of chocolate cake without an automatic gag reflex response. Thank you, Mr. Simon. Luckily, all that sugar sat just fine in this old belly of mine.
2. I feel like my 27th year will prove to be a rather standoutish one. Mostly because of how I rocked the deployment. There are other reasons, but that one is kind of all encompassing.

3. Last night, my friend surprised me with cake and a giant pumpkin tea light holder. It made my whole day.

4. Sometimes I feel much older than I am. Usually when thinking of the ages of my children.

5. Usually I feel much younger than I am. I see the sandwich artist at Subway and think of myself in his peer group. Then he speaks and I realize: I am older. Much older. The sanwich artist is just an example. I tend to group myself in with young people quite often. I'm obviously past some kind of stage because I just used the phrase, "young people." Heaven help me.

6. Sean said Katherine Heigl in "Life As We Know It" reminded him of me. He earned major points for that one.

7. I miss Seattle.

8. I want to go to NYC with Sean. Just Sean.
9. I want to take a "See You Soon" trip this year.
10. I want to be a bridesmaid this year. ;)
11. I want to start a book club.
12. I want to be a part of something huge.

13. I think I would like to make money taking pictures. Not so much as a business. I just want to do something fun and be able to go to Starbucks afterward with someone elses money. Plus, Mama needs a new pair-a shoes more often than the military lifestyle{read:pay} allows.
14. This year will make ten years of wifedom. I am much too young for that.

15. However, when I hit my 40s and finally have enough money to gallavant around the world, I'll be even happier I did it young.
16. I am completely content with the number of children currently residing in our household.

17. I want to live somewhere with Fall. I'm talkin' a full blown, leaves changing, sweater weather 100% Fall.

18. Since moving to San Antone, I've made more friends in one year than at any other point in my life.

19. I saw a real life tarantula in it's natural habitat yesterday. I could've lived my whole life without having done so.
That's my baby petting the tarantula. That is not Sean holding it.

20. Sometimes I wish we could rewind the last five years of our life and move back to South Carolina and learn to be happy. Most of the time...not at all. No regrets.
21. The more hair time I get with Jude, the more I love my curly hair.

22. All of my clothes are shrinking simultaneously. I'm going to switch detergents and see if that fixes the problem.

23. On that same note, I have not fallen completely in love with the idea of running. However, heart health and not getting fat are at the top of my list. I have been riding a mile or two on my bike a couple days a week. I can do it with the kiddos and not have to worry about blisters and special shoes and all those funky foot/joint/leg problems that go along with running.

24. I am exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up.

25. Because of him(even though today is working up to be a hot grease kinda day, if you know what I mean):
26. Because of him:
27: Because of him:
28: Because of him:


Jude said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this list!!
#s 8-12... um, YEAH!!! (esp #10!)
and aw, #21... that made my day! :)
I love you and miss you, and someday I will get my act together and mail you appropriately timed birthday gifts. Nah, who am I kidding, that is Beth's department! hahahahahaha!!!!

Brown English Muffin said...

I love this list there are so many things I want to do that are on your list.....

Are you sure you're not me but a different color and from a different mother and father!!! LOL