Monday, October 25, 2010

it's Tuesday again.

1. This is my 999th post. I have been rambling on ye old blog for a long while, since June of 2006, to be exact.

2. If his calculations are correct, Sean will pin on Captain in 99 days. Not hanging my hopes on that certain of a date as it is the military.

3. I might have the desire to scrapbook again. It left me for a bit, but it is back in it's simplest form. I have a bunch of stories to tell and hundreds of pictures just sitting here in a box. Titus makes sure he dumps them out daily to disorganize{walk on, lick, tear, crumple} them.

4. Simon is still jamming right along. He has a crush on his guitar teacher. I'm pretty sure that's the only reason he hasn't quit on us yet. He's awesome on the chords, but he gets frustrated when I make him practice the finger picking. His teacher said he does better at transitioning from one chord to another than some of the college kids she teaches.

5. I spoke with someone today who has an endless wealth of knowledge about football. I've spoken to this same person about the economy and current events recently. Their knowledge about those two subjects...not so endless. I think it's amazing in this economic climate, when our nation is at war, when our Congress is on a free fall of spending OUR MONEY, with an election just days away that people are so clueless. But Brett Favre! My goodness, he's our hero! Let's giggle like school girls over his dingaling texts! Is that even what he did? I have no clue. I do know he plays for the Vikings, but that's about it.

It's exhausting to feel like you're the only one who gives a crap about real issues. Football is great. It's a distraction. It's what the powers that be want your attention to be focused on so you don't stop and think about what they're doing to our nation. Seriously, I don't have a problem with sports. I just seem to meet a lot of people who are completely consumed to the point it affects their personal lives.

6. There are 194 countries recognized by the US States Dept. We have military troops in 135 of them. Just an interesting fact. Makes you wonder why, right? Did I lose you at "dingaling?"

7. Have you ever wondered how it is possible for OBL and a ragtag group of terrorists to outsmart our National Security? Have you pondered that we have invested billions upon billions of dollars and eight years into this "War on Terror," and yet...our troops are still there. Why?

How do you picture the Taliban? In my mind, when compared to the strongest military in the world, they are a small group of mountain folk, with rustic weapons. Sure, they can create a mean IED, but compared to us; our technology, our weaponry, our forces? How are we still there? How have we not just wiped out the problem?

Does it not seem curious to you? Educate yourself.

8. According to the Constitution, Congress has the power to create money. The Federal Reserve, which is no more "federal" than FedEx, is a privately owned bank. Does that concern you? Why or why not? Why is it that Congress has the power to create money, interest free, yet we continue to borrow it from the Fed, with interest? Educate yourself.

A good article. Really, the whole site is very informative.

9. Another good article, that no one will probably read.

10. A cute and cuddly that everyone will pay attention to:
I love his little silent demands. And his nasty little boy toes.

ETA: It was not my intent to offend any football fans. In case I came across harshly, I apologize. My point is not that football is bad. My point is that people are so wrapped up in entertainment that they don't take stock in the things that truly matter. It's not about football v. politics. It's about trivial things vs. topics that affect our daily lives. on, watch on, touchdown!


Corey said...

1. wow! I only have a 1/3 of that many. amazing!
2. Captain! that's so cool!
3. yeah, same here. except for the 18 month old dumping them out ;)
4. i still think this is cool. glad he's doing so well
5. yes it is frightening how the people in our country think. it's much to easy to think about dingalings than the corrupt government.
6. wow. that is amazing. i had no idea
7. yes, you think we would have gotten them all by now.
8. it's really overwhelming to think of. i think that's why most people choose not to think of it.
9. haha, you crack me up! i usually almost always click over on your links. ;)
10. he is so cute. I can't believe how big he is getting!

Brown English Muffin said...

I feel so guilty reading this post as I know if you're not part of the solution out there doing something then you're part of the problem.

Does it help though that I know nothing about neither sports nor politics??? :0)

But I do wish America and Britain would leave countries alone that aren't their own.

Shermeen said...

The problem with the war on terror is that you can't destroy an ideology in the same way you can destroy a country. The idea of going to Iraq and Afghanistan (at least on paper) was to prevent the spread of terrorism. Yet every day spent there breeds terror, it encourages young men and women to hate the Western nations who have brought war to their country. If America thought that Communism was a threat, they sure do have a bigger battle on their hands with relgious fundamentalists. Do I think every thing adds up, not at all. But I certainly think that our governments have a responsiblity to keep its citizens safe. And its always troubling when wars are fought not on some distant battlefield, but at your local airport or on your train journey to work. I enjoyed reading your blog, most certainly food for thought!

latoya m. said...

I agree with Brown English Muffin on this: But I do wish America and Britain would leave countries alone that aren't their own.

Yes yes yes!!

And I feel you on the football thing Chrissy. I love football. I actually am in two fantasy football leagues. I'm doing pretty well in them too. BUT it frustrated me to no end yesterday that when I went to all 3 Birmingham news websites yesterday to try to find out a little about the candidates up for office or even a LIST, and that wasn't on the front page. No... it was ALL about Alabama and Auburn. Seriously. Alabama as a state is not doing so hot, and all you people can talk about is FOOTBALL?? Not how we need to vote next Tuesday? Not even an expose on the candidates. I finally googled Alabama Candidates and found some nice blogs with some good discussion and a sample ballot on a State website. UGH!!

nicole said...

oh my word 999? that is awesome...and making me feel a little like blogging.

scrapping is good - i did lift your page from saturday! i will have to take a pic soon...and i just sent you a couple of layouts from b and me today!

Jude said...

step away from the FOX news...
just kidding. I think the reason I don't pay more attention is that the stupidity of it all, and our real lack of conotrol over what our government does is insane. INSANE.

oh a total SAHM note, i am glad you are scrapping again. :)

CAmport said...

Haha, I do not watch Fox anymore. They are owned just like the "mainstream media" they're always railing against.

Fox seems to think if Republicans take back control, all will be well with the world. I think things could slow down a bit, but in the end, they all have the same agenda. It's all about $ and power. BOTH sides.

I agree that it's insane, but I feel like we could have control if enough people stood up against it. They seem to forget that THEY work for US.