Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kid $tuff

Simon found a dollar in the parking lot yesterday. It blew right to him.

My sister called right after the blessed event and he said, "Aunt Niki! I told my mom one day that I wish God would make it rain money and it DID!"

I wish it worked like that...God, if you could make it rain a motorhome payment, I would tell the whole world. :)

On the topic of money, the loverly gov't recently changed some rules/laws on travel nursing and noticed a glitch from our 2008 returns. We now owe Big Brother some moolah unless we can figure out where the glitch is. Ironically, the same gov't of which I speak sent $8000+ in student loan money to the wrong place. I was unaware and have been paying said student loan, which has been paid off in governmental theory, every month. We were all excited about the refund that will be coming our way once an inquiry is done by the gov't{which should take about 17 years, I'd imagine}.

To sum it all up, we get a refund from one place just to give it to another. I am just thankful that that money will be there. I would hate for the government to have to go without.

Oh! ADD moment: I saw a news ticker yesterday that said Obama is asking Congress for $2Billion to give to Pakistan. Why? So they can buy American made ammo. Ok? Here's a question from a literalist, WHY don't we just GIVE them the ammo that we made, we own, instead of giving them OUR money to turn around and buy the ammo from us. Or another thought, Pakistan, get your own ammo with your own money.

Surely these educated politicians are aware of their own stupidity, right? The only other option, the one I pick, is that they're playing all these shell games for a reason.

Back to my regularly scheduled program.

Simon's response journal had me tickled this week. Just a small excerpt:

I read your note at lunch today. And it was about you "saying" if I would have a fantastic day and I did have a fabulas day and I know your note "said" have a fantastic day but I put fabulas because I had more than just a fantastic day.

Obviously, we're still working on quotation marks and run on{and on and on and on} sentences, but I like the kid's sentiment.

texting with a friend, "Ahoy, Matey?!" pfffft hahahahaha

This guy is chattering up a storm. The first two are the most frequently used. What does that say about me...? I'll tell you. It says my kids never listen the first time.

Hurry up!
Uh-uh & No-no, he interchanges the two. Likes to show me variety in the way he refuses to listen.

It's taken me like six hours to finish this post. I'm calling it done, whether it makes sense to anyone or not.


Dettao said...

That picture of Titus made me laugh out loud. So cute.

Brown English Muffin said...

T's face while texting is hilarious!!!

Kimberly White said...

So glad that he had a better than fantastic day =)!
Those pics are great! Praying that you will have all that you need (Phil 4:19)
Love Kim

nicole said...

love that picture of titus texting...and love even more what he is texting :)

Jude said...

um, i did not get a txt from titus. I am offended! ;)