Tuesday, November 30, 2010

10 on Tuesday

I don't know if I'll make it to ten today, but I'll give it a shot.

1. I haven't been able to get these two pictures out of my head. I have this idea that I can't seem to shake and I plan to take my first step to get the ball rolling soon. I don't have much of a plan, but I kind of want to just let it all fall into place and hope that it works out wonderfully.
I summed up my idea in an email to Kerrie{the lady in the top picture}:

"I love how genuine the emotions are and the rawness {speaking of the pictures, not the actual situation}. It was real life 100%. I hate that some people that deploy have no one to say good-bye or document it. I came up with this bare bones idea of a non-profit organization. So far, it's me and Susannah. I have NO plans other than to document. I want to go in this week and talk to Readiness and get a schedule of deployments from the unit. I want to be a sort of welcoming committee in reverse; to go and send people off and document the interactions at the gate. So they understand that what they're doing is important to more than just their immediate family; to show that we ARE a family. I have nothing to contribute but my time and my pictures and I want to use the little bit of talent that God gave me for others. For something good to come out of such a sad situation. I want people to see this War as real; that it's not just 18 year old boys with guns and no cares. There are so many diversities within this war that people don't get.

I say non-profit org instead of just me w/a camera b/c I need a business license of some sort. I need waivers if I want to submit pictures to magazines or even just the Lackland paper. I would hate to get sued trying to do something noble, y'know. I see this becoming something awesome if the military doesn't step in and screw it all up. What do you think?? Can I make it work?"

2. I intended to do a whole blog post about my thoughts on this war. It's just too emotionally draining. I will just say, it doesn't make sense. The amount of money our broke country is spending every single day on this war, the number of people fighting, the lives already sacrificed...who is running the Risk game? Not the people at risk.

If they invested just a portion of the money the war is costing here, where we haven't been attacked in 9 years, imagine the impact. Beef up {actual security, not just greasy pedophiles feeling up the pretty girls at the airport} national security here. Secure our borders here. Quit stomping on the ant pile and maybe they'll quit biting. It just seems a moot point to fight a war to protect us when our own borders are wide open. I am not talking about Hispanics crossing the US/Mexico border. This is a decent article on PBS of all places, so no one can even try to think it's some neo-Con opinion I've formed.

3. On to happier things for those of you still reading...

I wanted to do a December Daily again this year, but alas, tomorrow is December. I may just go with Corey's idea and do a digital version.

4. In preparation for the pictures I plan to take this month, I decided I probably ought to scrap last Christmas. And hello, 2008! A three pager, with spray ink. Fun stuff, I can see why every single person in the scrapbook world uses it on every single page they make. It was all fun & games until I heard Sean bellow from upstairs, "He just sprayed burnt red on the carpet!{"He" being Titus, of course}" I bellowed back, "What the heck is burnt red?" His bellowed reply came, "I don't know, the bottle just says burnt red!" Like it's 409 or something.
I snagged all of these off of FB, that's why they're huge. You can click on them to see the whole image.
Look how little my boylies were! And Sean with his civilian hair.

5. I{no kids, no KIDS!} went for coffee this morning with a new friend who happens to have the same camera as I plus a whooooooooole lotta talent and expertise. Luckily, she doesn't judge my lack of knowledge or idiot answers about things I should totally know{like what kind of lenses I have}.

6. Sean willingly pulled dad-duty on two separate occasions, two days in a row. Man points. Serious man points.

7. My first outing{also no kids! well, none of mine} was to take these, which everybody reading probably already saw on Facebook. She's cute enough to post again:
8. This is latest I've ever headed in to the Christmas season with nary a present bought.

9. Speaking of which...I love that the media uses Black Friday sales to say we're in an economic recovery. Hm. Where are the TVs made? Where is that obnoxious little creepy singing doll from? Where is every other plastic piece of garbage that we Americans buy made? Whose economy are we helping? An interesting read.

10. A few more articles...a good start, if you're completely clueless.

Another one. You can't argue with the facts.

On that happy note, I am still regretting drinking Mountain Dew with dinner. Off to do something productive like...catch up on 19 Kids and Counting. :/


Kolt and Susannah said...

Please let me know when you're going in to Readiness and I'll be there. Even though I'm no photographer and I used to think that I wrote well, til I read your blogs, I want to help however I can. I know I may be more of a hinderance than a help with a baby, but I think what you want to do is SO important and I want to help.

You guys look SO young in those Christmas pages, so cute too.

Thanks again for taking Leila's pics. I'm so fortunate to have you to document her growing up. I can't stop staring at your pics even though I have her here with me to actually look at. You truly have a gift.

Jude said...

I love love love the layouts! I can never make the words read right with crooked letters. People are all like, "what does phapy mean?" and I am forced to grin and explain, "happy, it says happy..."
what are shooting in inside the airport? your lighting looks great!

nicole said...

look at how little your boys are.. .isn't it amazing how much they change in one year when you look back at those photos?!

i also read some articles about black friday/the economy/china etc....made me a little more on the same page as my sister and cody who refuse to buy anything or accept anything that has been made in china - it is super hard to do if you pay attention!!

Corey said...

oh my goodness, look how LITTLE the boys look! and you and Sean look different too. It's amazing how things change so quickly right before our eyes.
I think your non-profit idea is fantastic. Really, go for it! I know you will be successful and your pictures will be SO appreciated by many.