Tuesday, November 23, 2010

10onTue: Thanksgiving edition

Since I tend to gripe/complain/focus on the ills of the world, I decided to make this whole post about nothing but gratitude. It seems like a good idea now, before I've even typed one point, we'll see if the same holds true towards #10.

1. The first bit of gratitude that comes to mind as I am about to bid one of my very dearest friends adieu...

I am thankful that Sean is home. Safe and sound and able to celebrate Thanksgiving with us, where he belongs.

2. The second bit of gratitude that comes to mind as I am about to bid one of my very dearest friends adieu...

I am thankful for our troops in a way that goes beyond the cliche. I am thankful in a way that only those who get it, get it.

3. The third bit of gratitude that comes to mind as I am about to bid one of my very dearest friends adieu...

I am thankful for all of the friends the Air Force has brought us. It's easy to wade through all the bull garbage if it means finding these amazing people in the midst of it. Plus, I'm not the one wading through it, Sean is; I just get to reap the benefits.

4. The forth bit of gratitude that comes to mind as I am about to bid one of my very dearest friends adieu...

Ok, that's the last time I'll use that intro. I'm getting to my point. Added to that, I'm not really all that sure of the "adieu" usage. It seems right.

To make this point more specific, I am thankful for my friend Kerrie. A lot of people deploy. A lot, a lot. I get that. But when you can't be specific about it, really get down to the nitty gritty of individuals, that's when things get cliche. It's easy to speak in generalizations when referring to tens of thousands of soldiers, but it tugs at your heart strings a bitter harder when you realize each and every person has a story.

We're all gonna miss you, my friend.

Moving on from this horribly sad point...

5(personal message that only a few of you will understand). I am thankful that my best friend is happy. Happy in the best possible way a girl can be happy. I am truly, truly thankful for the whole situation.

6. I am thankful for our new Life group. It's kinda like Sunday School. We meet with a group of people from our church on Wednesday nights. We eat, kids play, we discuss things the preacher said, etc etc. I'm not 100% sure of the church itself, but the people in our group are great. I'm excited to see friendships forming for both the kids and Sean and I.

7. I am thankful for my stuff. It's easy to complain about a van that no longer shows me it's mileage and whines almost as much as my children. It's easy to be a disgruntled renter in a house with gross carpet, stank linoleum and homeowners unwilling to meet us halfway. But when I remove the negativity from my core and take a look around...I am humbled. The sheer amount of crap that we have, I'm ashamed to be so ungrateful.

8. Back to important things. I am thankful for the man. We've had some ups and downs since he got home from Afghanistan. Some days when I've almost said things I know I'd regret. Days he's been completely...man-ish. Typical marital stress. Lately, though, we've been in sync. He's everything I need him to be and everyday I pray I can be exactly what he needs me to be. I'm so thankful we've made it this far with no real stabbing incidents{only those who attended our Thanksgiving dinner will appreciate that statement}.

9. I'm thankful for my family. The far off one. I think I miss my family more on Thanksgiving than I do on Christmas. I guess because Christmas kinda changes year after year, but Thanksgiving is always the same. Always. From the electric knife to my dad saying, "Shut up, we're talking to God," before the prayer. I can picture every detail perfectly in my head.

10. I'm thankful for my yahoos, of course. These past few days have been a lil rough. I've been that belligerent mom, fussing about every little thing they do. In my defense, they were belligerent every single time I got on the phone today. Everysingletime!

I'm thankful that I'm able to see how quickly time is passing.

I've got one kid that's just weeks away from eight. He's to the stage that I don't have to negotiate how many bites he has to take to be excused from the table. I don't have to supervise his tooth brushing. While he still has his completely immature childish moments, as we all do, he's turning into this...dude. He gets jokes. He pours drinks for his brothers. He's going to be driving in the amount of time he's been alive and that realization just blows my mind.

The other one is getting this 100% distinction about him. He doesn't have to be the squeaky wheel, middle child b/c he draws attention just by being. He's all kinds of artsy and it's just crazy funny the things his brain puts together.

The wee one is an absolute terror. In the nicest sense of the word, of course. I finally got my kid that isn't scared of what anyone thinks. He's cute as can be and tough as nails. The big two tattle on him more than they tattle on each other, which is a lot. I can't believe he's rounding third towards birthday number two.

my little Sour Patch Kid

A lot happened in 2010 to be thankful for. A lot happened that was cause for worry and sadness, but the balance was definitely for the good. To God be the glory.


nicole said...

a wonderful thankful post chrissy!! so with you about that friend too :)
hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving together!

Corey said...

Great thankful post!! you definitely have lots to be thankful for :)And now I'm so curious about the friend...i know who it is, just not the situation you speak of. sounds like good stuff, and I like that :) Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend...are you doing the meal again, or are you done for this year already?

Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for you :) A friend who gets it, life, kids, hubbs, frustration... gets it all!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jude said...

great list :)