Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a convo with the Midst

F, on the way home from school: "My teacher had to have a talk with me today."
Me: "What did you do?"
F: "Nothing. She just wanted to know if Nova is gonna be my girlfriend now."
Me: "And you told her, 'I'm five. I don't have a girlfriend.' Right?"

blank stare

Conversation resumes upon returning home.

Me: "You're five years old. Five year olds aren't old enough to have boyfriend and girlfriends. Everybody is our friend when we're five."
F: "Okay...except for Ellie. She's my girlfriend."
Me: "Not even Ellie. She can be your friend and Nova can be your friend. You're not going to have a girlfriend yet. You're too little for all those complications."
F: "Unless they're five, too. Then they can be my girlfriend."
Me: "No, Felix. Eeeeeeeeeverybody can be your friend."
F: "But Ellie's five and she has a boyfriend."
Me: "Who's her boyfriend?"
F: "Me."

Yes, having children is exhausting.

Me, trying again: "The whole point of this conversation is that if you are still young enough to have a Kool-aid mustache, you are not old enough to have a girlfriend."
F: "Okay," he says, taking another swig, "I'll just have a Kool-aid mustache."

He walked away grinning the grin of a boy that thinks his mother knows nothing.


kimrairdon said...

I love it! Such similar conversations here...

Corey said...

oh Felix! LOL!

Kimberly White said...

hee hee hee! My 5 year old hasn't told me about this stuff yet. Maybe we can wait until he's 25 =)

Anonymous said...

awe, Isabella is going to be crushed :)

nicole said...

we have totally had this same conversation over and over again!! it is either this one or having jack tell me that he is going to live with me forever..not sure which one is worse :)

Jude said...

the "me" line did me in...