Saturday, November 27, 2010

a few things

about this guy.He takes his drinks shaken, not stirred. Strawberry milk is still his #1 choice. He eats his cookies icing down, naturally.

He says BOO everytime a shirt is pulled over his{or anyone elses} head. He says it non-chalantly now. Just a sidenote, "Boo," as if it's part of the dressing process. The other day Sean was putting a sweater on, Titus was off somewhere playing and as he walked through the room, he threw out a "boo." Cute as can be.

He has pink eye. He passed it on to Simon. Eye drops four times a day, fun stuff. It's like trying to clothe a cat.

He walks up the stairs now. He doesn't crawl or shimmy. He places one little hand up on the wall and just...walks. On the way down, he insists on piggy back rides via whomever might be going down themselves.

Halloween has ruined him. He requests "nandy" several times a day. If not nandy, then "dake." Dake is a universal term for cake, obviously, and also cookies. The boy can sniff out sugar.

His immediate response upon getting hurt, if not crying, is "yeah." I suppose he's become accustomed to my, "Are you okay?!?" every time I hear a crash or his body smacking against the floor.

As for the other two, they have been getting along so splendidly the last few days that I fear they are seeking to overthrow the Mothernment. I try not to disturb them with requests for pictures and such when they are building lego sets together, peacefully. Those two{together and peacefully} don't tend to go hand in hand in our houseful of boys.

Titus the Terrorist has been a little binding element in their relationship. He seeks to destroy them and they band together. It's nice to see. I hate that it takes Titus trampling their forts & lego creations, interrupting their car play by launching them at any head nearby, tackling them and smacking them about the head and the neck, least they aren't fighting.

We just finished putting up the Christmas tree. My very last nerve was spent doing so. The tree, which Sean insisted would save us money in the long run, has given up on illuminating half of the pre-lit lights, just two years after it's purchase{we lost our other, more real looking fake tree years ago, only to find it shortly after buying fake tree #2}. The wire branches on the other hand, are so genuine, I half expect a squirrel to jump out thus enabling me to act out my favorite Nat'l Lampoon scene. I say that with all the sarcasm I can muster as I have never, ever been in favor of artificial trees. It's just not natural.

Anyways...the boys were all into it this year. They were entirely helpful hanging the ornaments, however Titus thought all the "ball! ball!"s were hung up just for his amusement. It's going to be a long, long Christmas season of keeping the tree dressed.


nikih said...

I accidentally rated your blog with 4 stars...I really meant 5 and can't figure out how to fix it!

I am with you on the fake tree debate. I lost the fight again this year for year # 15, but next year...I WILL have my REAL tree in the window!

Titus the Terrorist! LOL! I'm glad he could bring Simon and Felix together.

***** there's the 5 star rating!

Jude said...

I think we live the same life, just with different kids and husbands. :)
I shant tell you how amazing our treeis. we went and cut it down at a tree farm.if you were my neighbor, I would have made you go too. No, I shant be that mean... ;)