Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is it really Tuesday?

1. I got a haircut today. Just a trim. My stylist was awesome and she cut my hair slowly on purpose because she was having such fun talking to me. I'm serious. She told me that. Made my whole day. :)

2. Her neighbor stylist was fun. We got to talking about the War. She is an EX-Marine wife who has been dealing with the gov't refusing to pay her husband's disability, therfore cutting her child support. Isn't that nice? He's been suffering for 6 years and now, all of the sudden, they have no proof of his PTSD. That's the government for you.

3. Speaking of which...your average soldier, the frontline, taking bullets, losing limbs fella: he makes around $22K/year. Your average Congressman, $174K/year. If that makes you sick, just google what old Scary Pelosi is worth. She can certainly afford all that botox.

I think we should get to vote on their pay, don't you? After all, we're the ones paying it.

4. I. will. be. damned. if a TSA agent thinks they're gonna touch me. I will go to jail if they think they're gonna touch my kids.

5. How the father stood by and video taped, I do not know. It seems tame until around :27 or :28, nasty perv.

6. I like this guy. He called his junk, "junk."

7. So, you can avoid the molestation by simply going through the body scanners. Simple, right? Do you want pictures of yourself like this stored? I don't want to put the actual images up on my blog, so just click the link. Warning: they are graphic. It's too bad the TSA doesn't give the same warning.

8. To add insult to injury, images were leaked! Yeah...oopsie. Thank goodness they aren't the ones that show every jot and tittle. 'Cause they won't leak those, theeeeeeeeey promise. O-tay?

9. *sigh* I want to go puke now.

10. So...who's hopping on a jetplane for the holidays?

I realize this post is quite a downer, but I heard these stories and felt the need to pass it on. I would hate to think I sat on that kind of info, only to hear that one of my friend's babies was fondled by an overweight, greasy, pervert TSA agent. What is happening to our country? Where are those God given, inalienable rights going? It's sickening.


Dr. L said...

I'm flying home for Christmas AND I'll be likely flying to Philly and NC soon. My dad travels alot (he's in DC now) and had to be body scanned this last time. He said he tried not to think about. I'm not looking forward to it at all. I've been thru "The Sniffer" at Logan airport... the one that supposedly smells out explosives, but that wasn't invasive like this things are. And yeah, if it's digital things can be leaked and stored. Even stuff deleted on our own computers really aren't deleted. Gives me the creeps.

Corey said...

I'm a little behind on the news being just back from vacation, but I did hear a little blurb about this TSA thing. I'll have to go actually read more about it. And I'm going to ask my neighbor what she thinks of it all...her brother works for TSA. While I certainly don't want them doing this to me or MY KIDS (holy crap!) , it's sad to think that I honestly believe there are sick bastards out there in the world and unfortunantly in our country who totally would load some kind of explosive in their kid just to get through security. It sickens me, but I just can not be surprised by it anymore.
Oh and I was meaning to tell you this because i know how you feel about her ;) ...a few weeks ago Pete saw Nasty Pelosi coming out of a very high class salon in San Francisco. He said she's even uglier in person than she is on TV and all that money she wasted in the salon did her absolutely no good! LOL!

nicole said...

i think voting on pay is an awesome idea!!
crazy and so sad that there are those kind of differences between fighting for and representing our country!

so glad i'm not flying anywhere soon...hopefully some of those things are changed before i have to go anywhere again...creepy!

Melissa said...

I love that you take the time to share this information with us. I am appalled that this is what has come to flying now.

I am so glad we are driving to Michigan....