Friday, November 12, 2010


The day seemed much more meaningful yesterday. I'm not sure if it's because my perspective has done some growing since last VDay or if it's because Chili's was offering a free meal. Either way, it was a very special day for us.

The Chili's part is a complete joke. A lot of restaurants offered free meals yesterday. Except for Joe's Communist Crab Shack, which is really where I wanted to go. Heaven forbid they crack those $18 nachos down a buck or two to show some Camo love. Chili's turned out to be an absolute nightmare. We met some fellow Veteran friends there and it literally took two hours to complete our meal. Forty minutes before our order was even taken. Sadly, we were not the only table that had to wait forever. It was just craziness and they weren't even all that busy. Anyways, bad lunch, NAUGHTY TITUS(in his defense, it was entering hour two and he hadn't but just a few tortilla chips to choke upon), but good company.

We were twenty minutes late picking up the boys from school. Not good.

Either way, I was able to convince all four of my boys that they are handsome and wonderful and their mugs deserve to be photographed. Off we went into the sticker filled green belt. I love these pictures. Too warm, too cold, over saturated, no quite crisp and all. They are happy moments because my Veteran is home with me.

I had a lot of weepy moments yesterday. Not all out tears, but lots of choking sobs back. I've relaxed a bit these past few months, but now some of my people are deploying. It's such a harsh reminder that we are engaged in a war that doesn't seem to have an end any time soon. A war that will be taking moms and dads and husbands and wives away from their people. Be thankful. Don't be shy. Next time you see a camo clad person, just say thanks.


hippo chick said...

Chrissy, I always say thank you to service people when I see them. Jim says maybe they get sick of it. I say, "Too bad, I'm grateful."

Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures.

~hippo hugs~

Corey said...

lovely pics! (your hair looks really cute btw) I didn't get to say it on Veteran's day, but I am SO grateful for all the service men and women out there!!

Jude said...

i ♥ your long hair. i think you should tell Sean that I have to cut it, so he has to fly you here :)

beth said...

good stuff, dude.