Thursday, November 25, 2010

While everyone else eats...

we're two days into leftovers. Sean had to work today, so we celebrated Thanksgiving on Tuesday and it went a little something like this...

Simon "bit it" earlier in the day while he was playing outside. However, after being neosporined up, he continued to run and play all the livelong day. Until dinner, of course. That's when the overwhelming pain started. It wasn't bad if he was standing up or playing, only when he was sitting still, eating. Mm hmm.
This guy was pretty even keel, but couldn't let his brother's whining overshadow his constant chatter.
At some point in the midst of #1 whining, #2 chattering and #3 climbing out of his high chair, insisting loudly that he was not going to eat...I told Sean to tunnel his eyes and we could pretend we were on a romantic date.
We toasted the idea with some intoxicating Cherry 7up. The ambiance of the toast was shattered by the noise of our children.
When dinner was clearly over, Titus decided he would use his newly acquired skill of climbing our bar height chairs to investigate. He saw gravy, thought, "dipping!" and dug in. He's a dipper after my own heart. After stabbing about at the vittles his brother left behind, he scored a dollop of mashed potatoes.
Realizing the white, fluffy stuff was not icing, he quickly spit it back onto Simon's plate, thus concluding our Thanksgiving.
Today, we spent Thanksgiving making sugar cookies. Not so much "we" as just Feefs and I. This picture is entirely unspectacular except for his hands. Something about them looks manish and mature. I don't suppose he's had hand dimples for quite some time, but seeing how grown up he seems threw a pause in me.
That moment of reflection was quickly replaced by his childish antics. He decided he knew best when it came to tasting flour. He had to learn for himself. While soft and yummy looking, it was actually quite the jumpstart for ye olde gag reflex.
Angel face, that's what I call him from time to time. He wishes you, along with the rest of us, a very happy Thanksgiving.



Kimberly White said...

Happy Thanksgiving my friend! Wonderful pictures ... what a great idea for a romantic date ... I'll have to try it with Matt =)

Jude said...

this made me LOL. I think we should spend thanksgiving together :) and those pics of feefs... tell me you used your speedlite or what your settings were, so jealous of that perfect lighting!

Brown English Muffin said...

I could eat leftovers for a week straight...I guess I'm weird like that!! LOL