Tuesday, December 21, 2010

10 on (it's) Tuesday(?)

1. Could someone give me the Clif's Notes Version of Bringing up Boys? I'm not sure my eldest will make it the length of time it will take me to read it. The mouth! Heavens to Betsy, could someone who's been there and done that please give me a light at the end of my tunnel?

2. The response I've been given to every question or comment aimed in Simon's direction today: "Okaaaaaaaay!" said all snotty like
"Fiiiiiiiiine!" said all teenage girl like
"I aaaaaaaaaaam!" said all snotty, teenage girl like

3. Sean and I have found ourselves using phrases from our childhood, such as, "My mother would've knocked me into the middle of next week if I'd..." and "My dad would've rearranged my face if I'd..."

4. Just to note, we weren't knocked/rearranged anywhere, nor would we knock/rearrange our children anywhere. Simon's punishments are not playing outside and reading.

5. I use reading as punishment for two reasons. He wouldn't read otherwise and he's bound to do something daily to deserve it. And two, he ends up actually enjoying his book once he's forced into it. Oh, a third reason, it keeps him from saying, "There's nothing to do!" He's learned my response to that one. :)

6. I have thoroughly enjoyed sleeping in past 6:30 am since Christmas break started. The bags under my eyes don't quite know what to do.

7. Aside from all the eight year old additudinality, I've thoroughly enjoyed having all my boys home all day long. Then again, it's only day two.

8. I love this kid. Even with the backtalk. Even with him mumbling over my shoulder, whining about the fact that his friends are still outside and I made them come in. It's DARK! "Nobody likes me in this house."
 he says. Anyways...we didn't light his candles the day we ate his cake. This was the last strip of leftovers. You can't even tell he was making leftover wishes.
9. We're going out to eat with two set of friends from our life group. Without kids. Is it obvious from this post just how badly I need dinner out with no kids? The thought of it makes me want to sing. Loud, obnoxious musical type songs. Like Mamma Mia. I saw that movie once, many months ago and the songs are still stuck in my head.

10. I asked if it got cuter than skinny jeans and Chucks in my last post. Turns out, it does:


Corey said...

1. I don't know. I have one too. Threats seem to work most of the time.
2. Yep sounds familiar.
3. See #1 :)
4. :-P
5. I do the exact same thing. It seems wrong to make it a punishment, but it's true sometimes it's the only time we get stuff done.
6. What is this Christmas break you speak of? I don't think it exists in homeschool land. At least not in the exact sense.
7. I do truly enjoy having my kids both home with me all the time. It is a blessing. But I do look forward to Monday's when Jake has a 3.5 hour class that I drop him off for. That break is nice and next year Megan gets to go too!
8. He looks so big all of a sudden. That picture definitely says "8" to me.
9. Oh you are SO lucky!! I wish I could go out with other adults and no children...and have a glass of wine! Can I come? I'll fly out tomorrow!
10. hee hee! and I see he also has "nandy" :)

Brown English Muffin said...

Oh boy these posts do NOT make me look forward to my little on growing up especially if she has that "teenage attitude" at four already!!


Let me know what that manual says if anyone sends you one! LOL

Jude said...

i see your snotty talker and raise you an eye roller...