Tuesday, December 28, 2010

10 on Tuesday: resolutions

Why not, right?

1. Get my idea started. I'm anxious to make connections, document, be part of something bigger, show people that what they're doing does matter. All that jazz.

2. Take a trip(or five) in the motor home.

3. Consider homeschooling for next year or possibly the year after. I want to at least attend a seminar or work shop. I need to see what this town has to offer as far as co-ops go. The public education system is just so completely broken; I can't allow my kids to fall victim to it.

4. Educate myself. There is so much to learn about...everything! Politics, cooking, photography and and and

5. Connect. I have made some amazing friendships here and I want them to continue to flourish in the time we have left here. More coffee dates, more one on one time, more kid free outings.

6. Document. I've gotten a little slack in the scrapbooking department. I still love it, I'm just not making time for it. I need that outlet.

7. Take a vacation with just Sean. I would really, really like to go somewhere, even if just for a weekend, for our tenth anniversary. Since he missed our last anniversary, I would love it if we could make this milestone one really amazing.

8. Play more with my boys. The Green Machine that I so ranted about...I kind of love it. It turns out, it's the perfect size for adults. I rode with the boys the other day and had a blast.

9. Encourage more than nag. Discipline and lead more than yell. Let go instead of bottle up. Speak instead of worry. Cherish instead of wonder what's next.

10. A recipe, because it's awesome and I'm out of resolutions. I did not monogram them, I used Christmas cookie cutters. I also only baked mine for 6 minutes, not nine. I tried 3 different sugar cookie recipes this year, but this is the one I like the best. I made a few substitutions the other day. I had a bunch of neighbors give us Christmas goodies and I had none left to share as we'd gobbled up our first 3 batches of cookies.

By the time I got to this set, I was kind of over Christmas baking. But...I had to have something for the neighbors. I ran out of regular ole all purpose flour after I'd already doubled the rest of the ingredients. I had to sub whole wheat flour for regular. I thought it would be detrimental. Turns out, I transformed sugar cookies into vegetables basically. They're all healthy and stuff. The wheat flour did make them a little more dense, but much more flavorful.

I also add lemon zest to the recipe and about a tsp of juice from the lemon. To top it all off, my icing recipe is nothing but butter(I used low fat), a Tbsp or so of milk(I used 2%, healthy healthy}and as much powdered sugar as it takes to look right. Did you know, powdered sugar is a fat free food?

There's just no guilt in eating these cookies. :)

Here's to a New Year!


nicole said...

love this list...and think i might do one as well now :)
always good to put things down in writing to make me more accountable!

love the idea of the photos too!!

Corey said...

1. I can't wait to see what comes out of of this. I think-no I know it will be great.
2. FUN!
3. DO IT! Seriously, start looking online now. I'm sure you could find several groups or co-ops in your area. Find them and go and talk to them. We have several here that meet at a park one day a week. Some are super relaxed and inviting and some want you to fill out applications and give your first born to them first. So find a group now that you might like. It's also getting to the time for the HS conventions. There will probably be more towards/during summer, but I'd start looking for that too. I'm still learning about all this too so I'm going to my 2nd convention next month :)
4. 5. & 6. ditto, ditto, ditto!
7. That would be fun!
8. I've got to look up this Green Machine thing...
9. I love this statement!
10. Can't go wrong with Ms. Paula! :)

Jude said...

I love it. :)
You should take that trip with Sean.
I am still thinking about my list, there is sooooo much to add LOL :)