Friday, December 17, 2010


The greatest shoe, ever invented, hands down. They look great on male and female, young and old. They're cheap. They last forever and are hand-me-downable. You can wash them and they go with everything. All Stars are kinda like headbands for us mothers without daughters. They're the closest we can get to accessories, cheap enough to have in multiple colors.

Titus, the Terrorist got his first pair today. He looked so cute in 'em it almost made me forget that I internally uttered the phrase, "I'm going to find a childless couple and make ALL their dreams come true this Christmas." I almost forgot that he went straight up demon possessed when I refused to give him an M&M. I almost forgot that a one year old does, in fact, run my life. I almost forgot that he so thoughtfully brought me my camera, which he dragged off the dining room table and lugged into the kitchen, tripping over the strap and falling on top of it. After a moment of tourrettes, "<longest gasp ever>NONONONONONONONO!" I snapped out of it long enough to check my camera. It's fine. So's the baby.

It's a good thing he's so freakin' cute. Seriously, a chubby baby in skinny jeans? Does it get any better? Corey, you asked about his hair situation. None of my boys were this bald, for this long. It's coming slowly, more in the back than on the top.

I am off! We have a kid on his last day of being SEVEN and nary a birthday present purchased. I think the father should have to brave TRU as the mother has done it thrice already this week. Good luck, Pops.


stephanie said...

oh my goodness Chrissy I almost had coffee come out my nose when I read Titus the Terrorist.
Those pictures are so cute that for a split second I thought I would like to be the lucky recipient of that little person... then i kept reading :)
as always- i love your storytelling.

Corey said...

he is so cute! God had to make babies cute or else yes, we would be sending em down the river for sure! LOL! I wish Pete liked Chucks. I have some for Megan, but he will not let me get them for Jake. Maybe it's cuz the kid can't got 5 minutes without his shoe coming untied.

Kimberly White said...

What a CUTIE!

Jude said...

so he is sporting a mullet?!?! LOL :) I would have had heart faliure over the camera situation too.
Yes, we ♥ chucks as well. Only ALden calls them his "Jesse shoes" since he has a little friend that wears them all the time.