Saturday, December 18, 2010


The kid that changed the world was born. My world, anyway.
There's been a lot of letting go this year. By both of us.
I think it was the deployment that grew him up a bit. Then again, I think I put a lot more weight on those seven months because they changed me so much. Maybe the changes in him are just a normal part of growing up and they had nothing to do with Sean's absence at all.
<the bossy big brother, yelling at Felix>
He's starting to show more interest in video games. I've been waiting for that. Not eagerly, but I knew it was coming. He got a DSi thanks to some grandparental gift card contributions. He has one more gift of a refurbished bike. A friend down the road likes to take things apart. He snatched the brakes off a perfectly good, almost brand new bike. Simon spoke up before it headed for Goodwill. The bike shop said it was a good save. I thought so.

On the way to go get it, he asked, "What's my other gift? If it's another DSi, you are the best parents ever!" Why did he want another one? For his brother, of course. Not always a selfish turd, that one. Then again, after deciding not to go with his Dad to pick up the bike, he requested, "Can you guys go buy me some more presents?" The neighbor heard my response of, "No, you greedy hog." and laughed and laughed. I guess it didn't come out sounding as horrible as it looks typed out. The eight year old forgot Christmas is only a week away.

Sean is on his way to get a cake. Last night, he had a friend go to Chuck E Cheese, the movies and out for ice cream with him and his brother. It's the first time I wasn't really invited to my own kid's birthday party. Tonight, it's dinner out and cake with a few more friends. That's how we celebrate eight around here.

Birthdays are tough. Especially when your kid gets stuck at one age in your mind. I still see him as this five year old. I will always see him as this five year old. It wasn't hard to get past the two and three and four year old Simon, but for whatever reason, five was it for me. Is it just that the years go by so much faster after five? It could be the school thing, too. Whatever it is, it's going too fast. Some days, not so much, but most days...yeah, I could stand for it to slow down just a bit.


Corey said...

Ah, happy birthday Simon!!! You are one cool kid! Do you still do magic tricks? Jake has never forgotten our dinner at ye 'ol Golden Corral. ;) Hope your day is full of fun.
I LOLed at Greedy Hog. That's totally something I would say!

Dettao said...

happy birthday to Simon

nicole said...

happy birthday to simon...and eight...crazy!!

Jude said...

he can't be 8!! Happy (belated) birthday to Simon, please tell him we love and miss him! :)

Brown English Muffin said...

It's so weird how we get one age stuck in our my head I was forever 9.

Everything happened at 9 when I tell stories to Big C or friends.

Not age is stuck in my head for Baby C as yet. But maybe when she starts school it might well be.

Brown English Muffin said...

Opps Happy Birthday!!!