Monday, December 13, 2010


I grew up with pets. We always had a cat and a dog. Some stayed a long time, some didn't make the moves with us. They were all a part of our family, though. Al was with us the longest. He was a greatest{though, stinkiest} dog ever.

I assumed I would always have animals when I grew up. Pets are just a normal part of any family, right? It was working at a vet's office that ruined me. Or having kids. I can't really decipher which squelched all desire to have a pet as they kind of fall near each other on my life's timeline.

Fast forward to Saturday. We became the lucky recipients of a casualty of moving. My neighbor didn't want to transport one lil fish 3 hours. I understand that a fish really doesn't qualify as a pet. However, it is a step in the right direction. Even my kids have picked up on the fact that this one little fish could be a trial run at pet ownership. They're wrong, but in theory, it could be.

I think the fish likes me. He swims right over, any time I'm near. It's almost like he's wagging his little tail at me. :) Can you imagine how loved I would feel if I owned an actual pet?

The two little boys are quite enamored. Especially Felix. All day long, "I'm gonna go check on the fish!"

He has three names; Spike, according to Simon; Weedack, is Felix's made up word name for him; and Shi-She is what Titus squeaks at the top of his lungs. Ironically, it sounds an awful lot like sushi.
The boys discussed who gets to eat which part of the fish when he dies. Both morbid and hilarious.

Simon is very much over the fish. Yesterday, he walked over to the tank, turned, shaking his head and sighed, "I wish we could have a dog."

After mentioning to Felix, "We only feed him a little bit. If he eats too much, he'll die." His response, "Then we can have a dog!"

In my attempts to keep my little Darla from dumping the whole tank, I've grown to appreciate the simpleness of the little guy. If Felix outgrows his allergies and we can stay put for a bit, and they breed a dog that doesn't shed, bark or poop, just maybe...


Jude said...

If my boys ever outgrow their allegies I will surely lose the no pets battle. We had a fish once. I discovered they are not so hardy in a mudroom, when temps are well below zero.

Corey said...

you know, pets aren't really ALL they're cracked up to be. They're kind of like having extra kids in the house. only you have to find babysitters to feed them when you go on vacation or just away for the weekend. it's a hassle. plus you have to clean up poop and cat barf and pet hair. fish are fine. fish can be left alone. the only bad thing about fish-cleaning the tank!

Anonymous said...

We won't be taking Sofi.... are sure you don't want a dog that is already trained =) Bonus is that she is 8 years old!!

nicole said...

we just said goodbye to our pet fish this weekend...and honestly i'm quite surprised the thing lastest that long - and the funny thing was the kids totally did not care one bit. I was expecting to have to have a full funeral but they just asked like whatever.
we had a dog until last year and i don't think we will be getting another one until the kids are old enough to seriously help out with one because do i really need something else to take care of?! :) (i do use jack's allergies as a backup arguement if i ever need one too!)