Sunday, December 26, 2010


To be a kid on Christmas...

Most of the giant, expensive toys were ignored in lieu of "nandy," at least this kids portion. I have almost an exact duplicate of this shot, the only difference being Titus flapping his arms and down rapidly vs this shot of waiting patiently for a Rolo.

He eventually did get involved in the festivities. That's not a smile of his face, that is contortion that takes place during his truck sounds.
This guy in his Police man pjs, was a little bit disappointed by Santa's present. Silly ole goat thought he brought Feefs a remote control car. Turns out, it wasn't. Poor Santa made the most honest of mistakes. He was redeemed by the neighbor boy who just happened to gift this one and his brother a remote control car. Felix wasn't mad about Santa's gift, he just stated that it wasn't at all what he wanted. A very gracious, let down child he is.

It didn't help one iota that his main gift from us is also a piece of garbage. The Huffy Green Machine, don't buy it. Our neighbor loves it. He's 11. Even he has to stretch his legs all the way to pedal. Huffy isn't one for product testing and/or honest advertising. Other than the flag snapping off, a main bolt losing itself on it's maiden voyage, the pedal constantly falling off, the back rear wheel unattaching itself from the frame and the lack of reachability for it's intended's a fine toy. I left a beaut of a review on

I just had to show how much the wee one has changed this year. Still loves his crepes, though.
My skater on thin ice got his electric guitar. Santa was knowingly ignorant on this one. Paper Jamz, while yet another piece of garbage, not-made-in-America has an off switch and an ear phone adapter.
In the end, Felix was certain of Santa's goodness because he brought silly bands. It's a shame the woman who gave birth to him doesn't get as much consideration in the goodness department.
While we didn't get a white Christmas here in San Antone, we did get a frigid, freaking cold Christmas. I ran upstairs to get a big one a sweatshirt and came back to find this:
We all forget that he can reach stuff we put on the dining room table now. He got Simon's tube o' candy and ate all but one of 'em. In less than three minutes. Ah well, what day better to ingest gobs of high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners than Christmas?
As all scurried outside just after Gepetto finished building their faulty ride on toys, I missed my annual family photo in front of the chaos. I tried to remedy that after everyone got back into their jammies. Sean wouldn't let me break in the middle of pictures to retrieve my speed lite, so they are either grainy as heck or flashed out. Or a kid (or two or three) is making a face.
I love this one, blurry and all. The interaction, the Sean&Mini Me, the fact that all of my boys are in it...
A timer/propped on an uneven box shot. Titus bolted as soon as the timer started. I had to make a mad dash for him and landed just as the shutter clicked.
A flash shot. Blech. Sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
Even my kids didn't understand what the heck the light was for. Simon, "I'm blind! I'm blind!"
It was a pretty rockin' Christmas for us, though over in a flash. I learned that as much fun as it is to be a kid on Christmas, it ain't bad being a parent either. Actually, I've known that for eight years now, just never documented it before. :)
I can not wait to see what the new year brings!


Jude said...

#1. I say Santa should bring you a late gift of that remote you have been needing. (read=wanting).
If not Santa, then maybe Cupid??
#2 I got an awesome photo book, about creative shooting, etc. and a bunch of mags, including a subscription promise of whichever one I like best. Sadly, I think I am going to return all but one.
#3 i LOVE these pics of your boys. I miss them. Do they even remember me anymore? Maybe we can skype with them?!?!
#4 Yes, my DD needed you on day one :(
#5 Where did you find that rock star shirt... too cute!

nicole said...

love love that picture of all five of you...very cute!!

glad you all had a good christmas!!