Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hey, Santa

You creeped my wee one out.
I was honestly hoping he would freak out, just a little. I love screaming baby/Santa pictures. Sean handed him a candy cane. It threw a pause in him, but just for a sec.
This guy had a complete brain fart. He was momentarily star struck. It was totally like the scene from Christmas Story. It took three full pictures before he remembered he wants a remote control car.
Simon, still unsure about Santa's existence was a little nervous. Not so nervous that he forgot he wants an electric guitar. The whole way back to the car he was reasoning that last year he asked for an acoustic guitar and got it, so surely Santa is real and surely he will bring him an electric guitar. Surely, this is the last year he'll believe. Elves don't make electric guitars. Then again, he may end up with one of those Paper Jams...
After Santa, Sean had to retrieve some supplies for a project Simon has due on Wednesday{can I tell you what a joy that has been...}. I took the opportunity to make graham cracker houses with the two big ones.
What started out as a train. Simon gave me the idea on the way to figuring out a smoke stack. He said, "Doesn't a gingerbread house have to be a house? Oh wait, does an RV count as a house?" Brilliant child. Notice my satellite dish on top. The antennas and lights.
The back, complete with a ladder, spare tire and Jesus fish. I do not actually have a Jesus Fish on any of my vehicles. My driving is not condusive for such obvious displays of my Christianity{hello, I live in San Antonio!}. I admit that with a repentant heart. For shame. In candy land, however, there is opportunity to display my beliefs. With that, I must return to bed. Falling asleep at 9:30 led to a 3am wake up. Knowing that we have to deal with the actual RV tomorrow...I need sleep.


Jude said...

i LOVE the rv. we are making those next week when school is out :) i have actually resorted to glue gunning the graham craksers together first, what is that frosting your using, it looks very sticky-strong :)

nicole said...

oh the crying baby picture...love it!!
and william did the same thing as felix! he was just looking around trying to think of anything to tell the guy :)

very cute 'gingerbread' creations too...i once again bought a kit at target - that i'm sure i'll be cursing at once we open it up next week - always forget the idea of just using crackers!

Corey said...

Oh Titus, it's ok...I don't like Santa either! Well I like him, but he scares me. :p
LOVE the graham cracker houses and RV! it's supposed to rain all weekend, this would be a good project for my kids :)

Brown English Muffin said...

I simply love the crying baby picture...I always do.

Someone tried to tell me yesterday that I ONLY like crying baby pictures because the child's NOT mine.

erm...NO I like them regardless!! LOL

Kimberly White said...

Olivia cried too ... this reminds me to put up pictures of said meeting! Great gingerbread houses (and RV) too!