Thursday, December 30, 2010


There are no secrets in my house. Not if the kids are involved in any way. Although, they did keep my Christmas present from Sean a secret, so maybe if they're threatened enough...Apparently Simon was told his DS would go back if he spilled the beans. Pun totally intended, as I got a Keurig. Note to future consumers of Keurig products: pods are expensive as crap. They're on sale at Target right now, 18 pods/$8.95. Back to my original point-----}

While we were at Target buying overpriced coffee, I had to finally break down and buy Dr. Scholls wart remover, freezer deal-y. Felix got this disgusting finger affliction a few weeks ago. The liquid medicine is not working. I honestly don't even know how one gets warts, but it's kind of a topic I don't want to discuss, y'know?

Ye olde lady Target cashier wasn't even paying attention to our two measly purchases. My eldest decides wart remover shant go unnoticed:

"We had to buy wart remover for my little brother."-Simon
"Oh..."-doing what any intelligent person would, ignoring the comment Precious just made.
"He has a wart on his finger."-Simon
"Warts are no fun."-cashier, sounding experienced in the wart dept./apparently with more in her background than I'd care to know.
"Yeah, it's gross."-Simon
"Well, hopefully the medicine will fix him right up."-cashier

Finally, with the transaction nearing completion as she's handing me a stack of coupons I'll never use, I sense Felix rustling in the rear of the cart and am just waiting for him to offer up his little digitized science experiment so she can see his wart for herself.

I was saved by the line. As we walked out of the store, we had the same chat I seem to have quite often with my children. It begins, "You know, boys, there are some things that are just fine to keep all to yourself."

They keep me humble.


Corey said...

haha!! yeah, I have that one with mine all the time too. Megan especially. That girl has never met a stranger.
Warts are localized viruses.
I want to know more about your Keurig. Do you like it? Despite the expensive coffee pods? the pod only makes one cup, right? I've been considering getting one, but Pete says they're not all that great. I guess he used one in an office he was working in and wasted 5 pods before he found a flavor that tasted alright. ?

Aron said...

Love it. If it makes you feel better, CB has a wart on her shoulder right now. It bothers me a lot. I've never dealt with warts. Actually, we were riding in the car on the way home from Charlotte tonight and about 20 minutes of my quiet drive was spent with me thinking about the wart. How did it get there, how do I get rid of it, will it be there this summer when she wears bathing suits, would I rather Mak had it, will she be plagued with warts for the rest of her life and so on. I'm weird. Let me know how the freeze stuff works.

Jude said...

nice... :)

Joanna said...

exactly the same experience.