Tuesday, January 11, 2011

10 on Monday night/Tuesday morning

1. I am in learning mode. I keep meaning to buy this book, but just haven't. Instead, I've been watching youtube videos about the specific areas I need help in. These are pretty good. It's always easier for me to listen to someone explain something than for me to read about it.

2. My parents are coming! My parents are coming! All of us are pretty stinking excited. I almost told the kids when. All parents know you don't ever tell the kids when. You tell them the when at the exact moment it's happening. Eight years later, I still learn that lesson the hard way. Often.

3. I had to buy a plastic kid. He's neon yellow, holding an orange flag, wearing a giant sticker that says, "CAUTION: CHILDREN PLAYING." He's my warning kid to the neighbors that don't grasp that there will be at least 10 kids out every single day the sun is shining. If it takes them running a child over to get that, I'd rather it be a $16 plastic child than one of mine. My message to them: You chose to live on a cul-de-sac. Deal with it.

Our next collective step as parents of outdoor children, an obstacle course of traffic cones, forcing them to weave to obtain entry to their own, personal driveways. Obnoxious, yes.

4. I love that my kids would rather be outside playing than inside watching tv.

5. Speaking of which, our television is going. Not the actual television, but typing the word "satellite" just makes me feel trashy. Our options are going to be Wheel of Fortune and Antiques Roadshow or doing something productive for a change.

6. I bought baby girl clothes today. It was fun. Not for me, of course. There will be no more from this mama. Even though I am the best pregnant person ever. Even though I produce beautiful, healthy babies. Even though they grow up way too stinking fast. Even though I have room in the mini van for two more. Even though there are, in fact, women who have a girl after birthing three boys. Even though I would be just fine having another boy. 

Sean said no. Emphatically. 99% of the time I am in full agreement with him. Maybe 98%.

7. The master of close calls bit it tonight. Running, while leaning atop a metal Tonka truck while rounding a corner is not a good idea. Feefs landed on a corner of the truck with his bottom eyelid. He is one tough cookie. Even Simon gave him credit after that one with a, "Man, I'd still be crying if that happened to me."

8. I made this layout today. I kinda like it. I took that picture right before heading to the airport the day Sean came home. :)
9. The Tucson shooting. I can't have a post without current events in some form or fashion...Did anybody else think it was a little weird that they had a meet and greet at the mall? Do you think this will mean full body scanners in shopping malls now?

This whack job(seriously, look at his mug shot. Cree-py) flies off the handle, rants and raves on the internet, kills a bunch of people with a gun at a shopping mall and goes to jail for the rest of his life to milk the system. The rest of us normal folk will have our freedom of speech censored, more policing of the internet, gun rights fudged with and be forced to get a "healthy dose" of radiation any time we want to go to the Gap.

That's just my guess. I'll wrap there. I feel more of a rant coming on.

10. Long post tomorrow. 12Jan is a pretty big anniversary for us.


kimrairdon said...

I love that photo link! Thanks for posting it :) I may have to take a look at a few more of the videos...

Brown English Muffin said...

I haven't tagged anyone in a while!!!

But you've been tagged!!! http://brownenglishmuffin.blogspot.com/

Brown English Muffin said...

1. I love learning modes...I get them frequently but never seem to have the time to follow through. Just the other day I figured there has to be some method to keep home made cookies chewy the next day. So that's what I want to learn next.

3. So the people that speed in the cul de sac don't they have kids of their own? Or do they know that their kids aren't out side playing so they don't care? We're trying to sell our house and every time we look at a new one I ask myself, would my kid be same playing in the front yard as well as the back yard!

4/5. I would love to get rid of the tv in our house all SIX of them. On Sundays I try to make it a tv free zone. Big C says "I'm 40 years old if I want the tv on i'll put it on" my reply is "you miserable OLD man!" LOL

6. After 3 boys I don't think I'd risk it. I'd leave gods creation alone and think of all the teenage headaches that boys WON'T bring!

8. I love that picture from that day as well. I think it will always bring back the memory of him coming back whenever I see it. As if I was there or something!!! LOL

9. The thing that jumped out at me was the fact that his middle name is Lee. I don't a conspiracy theorist or anything but what are the odds already!!!

Jude said...

1. AH! That book has been on a post it note on my bulletin board for a while too... why don't we just buy it?!?! ;)
2. Parents? Does that mean you get to go out and sleep in? hahaha ;)
3. Congrats on the arrival of child #4!
4.nice. tv=blessing/curse
5. i like football and PR too much to go tvless, does that make me a loser?
6.whoa... down to 98%???
7.aw, i ♥ that toughie!
8.i love the LO
10. :)

Corey said...

1.I've been so inspired by all kinds of photography posts lately! Thanks for another great one :)
2. How exciting! and yes, i know what you mean about spilling the beans before the actual event. I just don't do it anymore. I don't even say we're going to the neighbors house to play until we're actually walking down the road!
3. Oh I know Yellow Plastic Kid very well! and I'm so thankful we don't have to use him anymore around here :)
4. me too! it's great, isn't it?
5. network tv isn't all that bad! and if there's something else you really, really want to see chances are you can find in on the internet.
6. oh come on...just one more? you can do it! hahaha!
7. poor dude!
8. i like it a lot
9. it was at a mall? why did i think it was a grocery store? which is way weirder than a mall, i think. but anyway...the whole thing is just insane.
10. looking forward to your post :)

hippo chick said...

I LOVE your Tuesday posts. In regard to no more children, I totally understand, but when Gretchen was about 12 I really wished I had a 7 year old. Today I'm really, really happy we didn't act on that wish.

~hippo hugs~

Dettao said...

I have that book and it is totally worth it. Buy it and read it over and over and over. Thanks for the link. I will be doing some watching on a day when I am not falling asleep so I can concentrate. I'm not having any more kids, either. hahahahaha

nicole said...

1. that book is on my wish list too!
2. yay! that is awesome (and so with you on not telling any details!)
3. we have one...and a orange cone. in the summer the kids put them out themselves. we also live on a street that is only for us that live back here so i don't know why people have to drive 50 mph two blocks to their house!!
4. mine too. just a bummer that it's not always a go with the weather.
5. if jeff wasn't such a tv freak ours would be gone too - or at least cable! (we do love our anitiques roadshow though!)
6. :) you are funny.
7. i almost cried just reading what happened.
8.i LOVE it and really need to give misting a try now that i see yours.
9. so crazy and sad! on the way to the store yesterday we saw two police cars with their lights on heading for an office - i'm sure it was just a health issue because it was a place that employs handicap adults - but what does jack say - i hope someone didn't go in there and shoot everyone. makes me sad that this is their world!
10. hooray for anniversaries!!