Tuesday, January 18, 2011


1. My parents got here Thursday.

2. It rained Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and was overcast most of yesterday. Not typical Texas weather at all.

3. Felix got the flu Saturday, was really out of it Sunday, but bounced completely back by Monday.

4. I got it Sunday, mildly. I was well enough to walk around a bit up in Gruene yesterday, but by last night, I was at 103.2, puking. Thank God, I only had to visit my porcelain buddy once.

5. Simon went to the school nurse today for a belly ache. He came home with a fever and now his flu stretch has begun. Although, after one dose of motrin, he's asking to go outside and play.

6. Sean is a Nazi Nurse and I would like to request a different nurse altogether. :)

7. Nazi-ish though his behaviors may be, he is quite right. His philosophy about healing is spot on, even if I don't want to admit it. I would much rather lay around on the couch all day doing nothing. He would rather I get up, move around, soak up some sun, eat, blah blah blah.

8. As far as the flu goes, this one has been pretty mild really. I credit that to Vitamin D3. It's a miracle vitamin.

9. I really, really hope my parents don't take this home with them.

10. Detoxing off of coffee at the same time the flu hits tends to compound the headaches. I now know what a migraine feels like and I will take coffee intravenously if it means I can avoid one.

And there's my happy, uplifting 10onTue


Dr. L said...

I recommend a bit of dark chocolate. It's not the same as coffee, but it has a bit of caffeine in it. AND it'll help with your mood and the headache a bit. Hope you feel better!!


Corey said...

I'm sorry ya'll aren't feeling well! :( I hate being that kind of sick. Feel better!

hippo chick said...

Thanks for the sunshine, sunshine! I am praying really hard that I don't get the flu. I HATE to barf, 'cuz once I start, I seem to never stop. YUK!!

Just thinking about this is making me nauseated.

~hippo hugs~

Jude said...

love that last line ;)