Saturday, January 29, 2011

if you can't tell

by my mostly mundane blog posts the past few days, I am trying to get back into the habit of blogging just to blog. I miss the days of jotting down the daily stuff that really only matters to me, really matters to me.

I don't ever want to forget that the one phrase Titus says more than any other every single day is, "Thank you{That-choo}, Mommy." He's just recently added the addressing who he's speaking to part. I turn into smarsh-mellow fluff when he says those three little words.
Or that he insists on sleeping with three "beets" now and makes me count them as I cover him up with them. I say, "One beet, two beet, three beets!" and he echoes, "Eee beet?" And the whole way out the door our conversation goes, T: "Mommy?" me: "What baby?" T: " ere Da-ee?" me: "Daddy's downstairs/at work/sleeping." T: "Oh. Mommy. ere Da-ee?" and over and over and over until I walk out saying, "I love you"s all the way down the stairs.

Or that he's still obsessed with "Si-shis" and all of his favorite books are about fish. We read this one at least 18,000 times a day.
Or that my eldest has been talking about one of his classmates haircuts for a week, but still hasn't worked up the nerve to tell her he likes it. Or that he insists on being outside, riding something no matter the temperature. Or that he said, "Well, I'm glad we live in America then," with such amazing maturity when Sean was talking to him about how it's illegal to read the Bible in some countries. Or that he memorized and helped teach Felix Psalm 1:2 with me tonight.
Or that my one in the midst rolls his pant legs up ridiculously high. He's in between sizes and he can not stand to have his pant legs touch his ankles and/or get hooked under the back of his shoe. It's an argument on the way out the door every. single. day. He's crazy cute. They're learning nursery rhymes at school right now. Yes, folks, we spend WHOA, more than I thought on each public school student and they're learning nursery rhymes. Gettin' 'em ready for reel skool, I 'spose. All that mocking to say, it is dang cute to hear maFeefs trotting through the house with talk of Jack be Nimbles and mice running up clocks.
We attended a birthday party on our block today if you were clueless about SpongeBob. Afterwards, all the attendees played outside, just as they do every day. I love my street almost as much as this one loves bubbles.
I'm wanting to take our neighborly relationships one step further. All the parents on the block are good friends, but we're only out-in-the-street friends. I want to be come over for dinner, we've-been-neighbors-for-almost-two-years-it's-time-to-commit-to-inside-jokes friends.

This year has been good for us, so far. We have made and are making lots of changes spiritually, financially, physically, mentally. All for the good. I can't wait to see what the rest of this year brings. I've had this wheels spinning feeling since Christmas and it finally feels like we're gaining some traction.


Corey said...

Every time I try and click on the link to show me how much we spend on education, it times out. The government must not want me to know! Although, since we HS through a charter, I DO know how much my student gets. It seems like a lot, but goes really fast!
I love that action pic of Simon!

nicole said...

love your little captures of each of them! i need to get the habit of doing that more too.

Jude said...

is this where i stick in my obnoxious "if you would move here and be my neighbor life would be grand" comment? I think it is. Consider it inserted ;)