Thursday, January 27, 2011


This kid is gonna be the death of my parenting skills. I just can't ever imagine having to punish this little angel. I'm not being sarcastic when I say that either, though I wouldn't blame you if you read it as such. He gets away with a lot, ask his brothers. But just look at him. He's just the greatest little person ever. I love this age of discovery and learning new stuff every day. His words kill me and he completely gets instructions. I told him to wake up Sean for lunch today and he just bumbled up the stairs and did it. Apparently, being smacked about the face and neck by a one year old yelling, "'Mon! Daddy, 'mon! EAT!" isn't welcomed by night shift employees. :)

Post lunch, pre nap I bolted for my camera when he started doing this:
He got a reaction and like any good comedian, he kept his routine going, only stopping to laugh at himself a few times.
Then he got distracted by the tiniest of spiders and stopped to play, but only long enough to kill the poor thing.
Man, he's cute, every little bit. His bald ole head and chubby thighs, all the way down to his mismatched socks.

As a sidenote, do my pictures look okay? I've been sharpening them so they look a little more crisp, but I can't tell if I'm oversharpening or not. Any advice?


Corey said...

Oh my goodness he is so cute! The socks!
I know what you mean, I think, about the sharpening on the photos. To me, on my computer screen, your pics look fantastic. They don't look over sharp to me at all. But when you're editing them, and you look at the before and after do you sometimes think the sharpening almost looks too much? Like it's starting to almost look fake? That's the issue I keep running into. And I'm not sure if it IS looking fake, or if it's looking good or what. I know online the sharpened pics look better. I'm wondering what they'll look like when I get them printed. I'm picking up an order this afternoon so we'll see how they turn out.

hippo chick said...

Love it! He's such a cutie.

~hippo hugs~

nicole said...

1. that first photo totally cracks me up!!!
and 2. the way you talk about him is the way i am with william. being the oldest in my family i assured myself i wouldn't baby my baby - but it is so hard not to do it!!

Aron said...

He is SO CUTE!! That age is my absolute favorite and always will be. Everything they do is cute. Your pics look fantastic. I don't think they look over-worked, but I do always question that about myself. And I agree with the above commenter that sometimes the sharpening looks good online but not as much in print.

Anonymous said...

OH, I can't stand it! I must hug that sweet heart! He is so funny!!! I'm like your friend, as much as you try not to baby the baby it just happens. I guess by the time you get to the 3rd child you can slow down and relax and actually pay attention to their little quirks! You were the baby we all thought was just so precious and cute all the time. Your pictures are incredible! Hug all your babies for me! I miss them so stinkin' much!! :(

Niki Hill said...

I'm not anonymous! I have an identity, don't know why it did that.

Brown English Muffin said...

Talk about like father like son!!! WOW!!