Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I wasn't going to do this today, but the State of the Union is on and I'd rather do anything than listen to more promises, promises, (gonna be) broken promises. Yes, let's take money from big oil, that'll fix everything. Yes, lets have everyone drive Prius', that'll fix everything. Yes, let's give kudos to Facebook, because...wait, what? Talking about 2035 when it's 2011 and the country is falling apart seems a bit counter productive. I'll admit, I gave it forty minutes. He said nothing pertinent, but I was glad to see the standing ovations down a good bit with the removal of the Mask. The Crier isn't much better, but at least his strings are a little less noticeable.

1. A shot that I love from last week, Mr. T and Grandpa. Hugging is a full contact sport in his world. :)
2. I'm so so so so glad I finally took the time to figure out full Manual. The above shot: f/1.8 ISO 1000 1/80sec low low low lighting.

3. We had chocolate pudding for dessert tonight.
4. It got pretty sticky for some one of us. 
 5. This was still pretty clean considering. He had the nerve to get mad when I took away the Nilla Wafers.
6. I never have pictures of the big two anymore. They won't stand still for me. If I do happen to catch them, chances are they're making a face. I assure you, they are both very alive and very well and very busy.

I guess it'll have to be six on Tuesday. My ADD has taken over.


nicole said...

1. cute!
william is like that too - hugs are actually tackles:)

2. awesome. but jealous - need to do the same.


6. i have the same issue with jack lately!!

Corey said...

I LOVE that pic of T and your dad. SO CUTE!!
And the pudding, oh my goodness. HA!

jess said...

your enthusiasm for your pics is contagious -- keep it up, you've almost got me convinced to jump in :)