Wednesday, January 12, 2011

today in (our) history

This guy:
-wore many hats.
Mr. Kolt's hat, which happens to look just like Daddy's{but only for a few more weeks, HOLLA!}.
-posed for many pictures.

even though he wasn't really the subject of the photo shoot. Nevertheless, he was a good stand in during dressing changes and light checks.
 -opened a lot of string cheese & promptly wasted it.

That's kind of every day in our history, though. He loves to say the word "Cheese." Add in to that is Please and I'll give it to him every time. "SHEEEES! PEEEEEES!" He gives me a "Tat- tyou" as he takes a nibble.
 -wiped his nose on his sleeve.
 -was bribed by his mother for photographic purposed.

Since it's un-Texasly cold out today, he got to wear this hat, too.
 These boys:
-posed together without hitting or whining.
 Mr. T was layered. Again, the temperatures were extreme for us. His two long sleeve t's+a fleece vest+coat made him move a bit like the Staypuff guy, but he was stinkin' cute doing so.
 This guy:
-woke up with an eye less swollen than I thought it would be.
-missed the barbershop by 8 minutes.

 Nothing I love more than dragging all of my kids out in public on a freezing cold day to find I've missed a military installation by 8 minutes. Especially considering it was 8 minutes after SIX. If you end the business day before the sun goes down, consider yourself a gov't employee.
-has his class picture tomorrow.

Hence, the need for a haircut. He says his teacher likes the boys to wear their hair spiky.
-built the greatest Lego house ever.

He had three Lego men sitting at a table playing Abalone. Five minutes later, he came back with them "sitting at the dinner table together." It was cute to see him act out what is important to him.  
 This guy:

-actually stood still long enough for me to take a few pictures of him.
 -Came home with news about a new club he and a friend started.

Every day there's a new club of some sort. I love love love his class this year. The teacher has left him and his buddy at the same table since the beginning of the year. She gets a gold star in my book.
 - looks more like his Dad with every picture I take.


Today, in our history, I:

-fell a little bit more in love with my handsome, handsome, handsome boys...and my camera.


Jude said...

the lighting in those shots of your boys... amazing! the are so stinking cute too, that helps. their eyes are so so so blue!

Corey said...

yes, you have awesome light! i'm jealous. this old house has no windows and lots of walls. bad light :(
your boys are so handsome. I can't get over Simon though. He's just looking so very grown up.