Tuesday, February 15, 2011

10 on Tuesday, a completely random edition:

1. I hear the last names Black and White all the time. Why don't you ever hear the last name Purple? Or Pink? Or Orange? I mean, shouldn't there be more color last names? Just a random thought.

2. I can't stand an idiot with an idea or thought that wants people on their side, to agree, just for validation.

3. I also can't stand someone who will look at facts presented about a subject, disagree with them, but not have their own opposing facts to back up their argument. Just a pet peeve. Disagreeing is fun and leads to discussion, but know what you're talking about before you vocalize.

4. Titus absolutely cracks me up. He dances a lot. A lot a lot. When he gets his head involved in the bobbing, he moves his eyebrows up & down in such a way that it looks as if his brows have control of the rest of his head. It gets me chuckling every time.

5. It's been in the 70s the last few days. I love it. I am so so ready for Spring.

6. The big boys have blown holes in the knees of almost every single pair of pants they own. If Spring is a-comin, I can wait 'til next year to invest in two new wardrobes.

7. I don't get offended. If you want to bash redheads, be my guest. If you want to crack jokes about moms, I'm game. Minivans? Please do, I like to laugh. How often do we enunciate the wrong word of a statement to have it taken completely out of context? I don't get offended by things like that. You can tell when someone is just talking and slips up, no need to get offended. However, and it's a big however, there are some people who say things or do things purposely to offend. I don't like that. Not at all. The other day, in fact, someone posted something on Facebook that made me have a physical reaction. I was so baffled by what they posted that I started shaking and sweating and I was so dumbfounded that I couldn't really form a response. It was meant to offend and that is not okay. Rant done. No need to worry if it was you. The person I am speaking of does not read my blog.

8. Watching ET with my homebound, feverish child makes me happy. Felix loves ET, Simon hates it. Gotta make good use of a sick day.
9. Like out of order Russian nesting dolls, boop boop boop.
10. Aw, look at my little Nancy Pelosis all lined up.
Sorry, T, I was just kidding. I didn't mean to utter such offences about your handsome faces.


Kerrie said...

Chrissy, I love reading your blogs and I completely agree with having information to back up an argument. The boys look adorable and the last comment suits T's face.

hippo chick said...

As usual, you cdrack me up. I think if anyone wants to argue with you, they need to really have their facts straight. I see you as the perfect debater. That's a compliment so "No offense".

~hippo hugs~

Kimberly White said...

Wouldn't it be interesting if my last name was Purple =) Love those lips! Have a great day!

Brown English Muffin said...

#3 is how I feel about this new healthy care business. I have lots of thoughts about it but I feel I don't know enough to vocalize my thoughts fully.

#6 I can't even imagine the knees getting blown out of clothes...and there I am looking at jeans for my daughter where someone idiot paid extra for the holes in the knees!! (The idiot wasn't me they were hand me downs!!)

#8 My little one watched it for the first time a while ago, it made me literally age ten years just sitting there thinking about the first time I saw it.

Corey said...

1. I would love my last name to be Orange. :) haha!
3. this is exactly why i keep my mouth shut most of the time. that and the whole confrontation thing. ;-)
4. video!
5. lucky! it was hailing here all day. and my parents got snow. :(
6. same here. Jake has maybe one pair of 'church' pants that still have no holes. I'm going to have to break down and buy some this week though for that wedding we're going to on Saturday.
8. i both love and hate that movie. i dont think my kids have seen that one yet.
love the pics of the boys. too cute!

nicole said...

-70's jealous!! we are supposed to get another 6+ inches of snow today!

-with you on the pants - j&l are down to one pair each...and i'm going to go into old navy tomorrow to complain that a pair of pants that was worn 3 times already has holes in the knees - that is crazy!

-we all watched et recently too...jack was so shook up about it - he loved it but was seriously crying when et was dying...and it was weird for me because that kid rarely gets emotional like that!

-love t's face on that last photo :)