Tuesday, February 22, 2011

10 on Tuesday, from my deathbed

1. I've actually been up from my deathbed for about a day and a half. Only by a miracle. I don't know what got me, but it took me down hard. Sean poo pooed the severity of my illness, but I can assure the world...it was bad. I'm still suffering from the cough portion of my ailment, even though no one in my house cares. Should any of you wish to send flowers or chocolates, please email me for my address. :)

2. I just had a conversation with my child that shouldn't have been required at such a young age: "Why we don't call women hot." I almost let it go. He said it innocently about the love of his life. I saw the opportunity for a life lesson, though, and returned to his room. I explained that women are not stoves, nor should we objectify them by assigning adjectives like, "hot." I told him he can never go wrong with describing a woman as "beautiful." It's a word that will stand the test of time. I told him stupid boys use the word hot. It's a locker room word and it just seems cheap. I rambled for a good couple minutes only to be rewarded with a blank nod in the end. Whatever, his beautiful wife will thank me someday.

3. That conversation was proceeded by a conversation with Felix about other, harsher words we do not use. During our illness, I let the boys watch Jurassic Park. I didn't realize how...unintelligent some of the language was. Lesson learned. Felix is sneaky. He's been calling Simon some choice phrases at bedtime. The type of phrases that take hot sauce to work out of their vocabulary.

4. Titus pronounces soup, "Shhhoup." It is the greatest of mispronunciations!

5. Someone made the observation that I will be "free" in just three more years. Somehow, having a 5, 8 and 11 year old doesn't seem all that "free," but I assume she meant because all of mine will be in school. That thought actually made me pretty sad. Three years goes by so fast.

6. My baby three years ago:

7. Scene: me helping Simon with his homework, Sean cooking dinner. Felix runs down the stairs shouting, "Titus is ON the computer desk and he's messing with stuff!" In the ten seconds it took me to get up the stairs he had somehow disconnected the router, had the internet to the main computer on the blink, removed my camera card from the tower and shoved it into an external disk drive. Everything was an easy fix except the last one. Mayhem. Little terrorist.

8. More evidence of his power of mass destruction, he can make Felix cry. That kid is a bruiser, yet Titus gets him whimpering on a daily basis. Today it was a wooden spoon from their kitchen set. He had it at the dinner table and decided to wing it. The trajectory was so perfect it was almost comical. It bounced off the side of Felix's head sio hard, it landed back where it started. Felix's screaming scared him enough to know that what he did was wrong. It was very Three Stooges.

9. Can anyone recommend a fabulous Peruvian dish or dessert? We're having some friends over for Peru night and there are too many delicioso looking dishes online, I need to narrow it down.

10.Off to eat something healthy! It's been a regular fruit and vegetable parade around here the last few days...


Corey said...

1. it never fails. moms are just not allowed to feel yucky, ever. but when your man is sick?...the world is coming to an end!
2. i've had that one with jake too lol!
3. my kids loved that movie! i forgot how kinda scary it is though
4. i miss the mispronunciations! megan says just about everything the right way. she's way too grown up already
5. it is scary to think, isn't it?? i don't want to think too far in advance. i want to enjoy now.
6. aw! those smooshy baby lips!
7. i do not miss that stage at all!
8. oh that would have been funny to see!
9. hmmm...i don't think i'm familiar with peruvian cuisine...
10. that's a good thing!

Kerrie said...

I had a similar conversation with Kodi and Konner before I left. I don't mind taking them out to places like Hooters, it gives me the opportunity to teach them to behave around women, even if the women are behaving themselves. I completely understand the being sick issue, Moms never get sick; didn't you get that when you signed up for that job? Love reading your blogs...they are always so interesting.

nicole said...

can i just say that i love your stories about your boys...sometimes i think my boys are the only ones that act a certain way but then i realize it is just boys being boys - good to know i'm not alone in it all :)
hope you are feeling better!!

Jude said...

that photo of felix... oh my heart! he is too much. glad you are better, although i am wondering who this fruit eater is?!?! I mean, I almost bought you bacon gum in Buffalo last week... ;)