Tuesday, February 08, 2011

10 on Tuesday: What in the world?

Or should I say, "What IS the world...coming to?"

1. On the radio this morning, this guy was talking about how excited his son was that the Packers won the Superbowl. He then went into this completely genuine speech about how there are heartbroken listeners in the town of Pittsburgh and that he hoped they wouldn't despair long. He was so serious. And I thought, "What is this world coming to?" Do people really think of football as anything other than a game? Are people's moods affected, seriously, by a game loss? I get the gentle ribbing and the joking around, but in real life...for real?

2. I just read this article. Conspiracies abound. There was never a need for fluoride in the water. Funny thing is, fluoride is added to most bottled water. What now? Dig a well? Catch rain water?

3. I followed a link on Facebook and started reading  this blog, followed some of the links. I cried for a good, solid bit. The faith I saw on each blog I visited was astounding. I was so saddened by how for granted I take the health of my children.

4. I ordered Sean a shirt for his birthday from this site. Always an eye-opening experience browsing that site.

5. "He's the only man I would consider getting a tattoo for. I would put his name on me." This is a quote made by a co-worker of Sean. I assumed she was 18, 19 maybe. Nope, 26. A TWENTY SIX year old woman made that statement of dedication about a boyfriend. Not that it would sound any better coming out of the mouth of an 18 year old, but at least then you could blame it on age induced ignorance.

It's not even the tattoo part that bothers me, it's the stupid, girly completely dorky sense of devotion. It's so high school. Is that what relationships have come to in this country?

6. I can't ignore the irony here. Which do you think is more important, a polio vaccine or clean drinking water? Check out the picture of the kid. The water pump is surrounded by garbage with goats grazing just feet away. Gates{who can't create a computer program that's virus-free, but somehow thinks he can make humans so} is spending billions upon billions on polio eradication. I wonder how much clean drinking water he could provide with that money. Or go halfsies, y'know? Give the child some water, then carry on with your agenda. It just makes sense that more diseases, not just polio, could be stopped if these nations had good, clean water.

7. We no longer have cable/satellite. Hence the endless reading of non-fiction articles about our health.

8. Digging through old files, I found this picture. I stuck with the "Daily Something" project for months! My computer died somewhere along the way and lost most of 'em. Luckily, I was able to recover a few.

Man, I miss this place. Best park in the Seattle area, hands down.

9. We were in a different place back then, figuratively. They loved each other so much. They were more intent on playing together than killing each other. I'll definitely show them both this picture when they get home from school.
10. One more because I'm out of articles:
I do. I miss it. The PNW is where it's at.


Corey said...

1. isn't that crazy? but it's so true. You should have seen it around here when SF one the World Series. Pete works over there and was super late coming home because of the MILLIONS of people in the city that day. FOR WHAT?? I just pray the Oakland teams never win anything. I won't come out of my house for a week!
2. Maybe a Britta water filter? But somehow I don't think that would get rid of the fluoride. hmm.
3. I've gotten caught up in these blogs too. It is so depressing, yet eye opening. I take things for granted for sure.
4. I'll have to take a look at that site...
5. I had to laugh at that one. It's so crazy what people do. Especially dumb girls.
6. clean drinking water would solve so many problems, don't you think?!
7. We don't have it either. The only thing I miss is Discovery, HGTV and Food Network. But so much of it is online.
8. 9, 10...awe, that was a good time, wasn't it? the PNW is awesome :) You've had so many cool adventures. You guys are lucky.

Jude said...

my comment was just eaten by blogger. i don't have it in me to try and remember the lively and sarcastic comments i made, but they were life changing, of that i am sure... ;0

Brown English Muffin said...

The picture of the boys melts my heart!

Brown English Muffin said...

wow I just read the link about Jonah and I cried....thank you for waking me up this morning and being happy for good health. I hate that I have to be reminded of the little things. I wish the big things would take a running jump off a cliff so I can see the little things daily.

Brown English Muffin said...

Jude's comment made me laugh...please tell her to copy before she hits submit...it saves time and frustration!!!